Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



Agreed. I entered a flash fiction contest (less than 1000 words) on Scribophile a few years back and ended up getting published. That piece was told from one character’s POV, had only two principle characters and two others who were essentially plot devices. The unpublished erotica piece I did was even more stripped down. It had two main characters and only one secondary character.

Meanwhile my NaNoWriMo project had five alien races, just for starters, and two principle characters with a whole raft of best friends, mentors, colleagues and enemies. And people don’t get why I prefer to plot something this complicated. If I can’t wrap my head around it I can’t expect anyone reading it to either.


Do it instead of schoolwork is how my mind is working at the moment


They were until today. I think I’m going to complain to the union rep about the attitude of a certain person.


Hey! New stories! I’ll have to look at them. After getting back from tonight’s writing group.


Immediately? Ooh, that’s a good one. Lots of things can put me off on the way through.

What I don’t like in short stories is unnecessary description. Yes, set the scene by all means, but I believe that less is more.If you’re going to waste the first couple of paragraphs describing the main *tagonists or the room they’re in, then I’m going to be not very well disposed to you.

I have an imagination, and you have a story to tell. So, can we get down to business?


And that is probably about the limit for a piece of flash fiction. At that length, even the main *tagonists will pretty much be plot devices as well.


Hopefully that will help.


I still need to look at them myself :grimacing: Apologies @johnnedwill @cdcraftee I do have every intention of reading and commenting once I find a moment. This weekend, maybe.


Finally have some progress going on this new work in progress. November just is not my month.

And was trying to work on a laptop, that kept having issues with its number pad and S button. You couldn’t even really play minecraft with it.

Minecraft is my procrastination tool.


Beware the creativity sink that is TVTropes!


Yea truly. At least with Minecraft, you’re not being told you can’t write subconciously by how many “genes of fiction” there are.:stuck_out_tongue:


I know how that feels. In my day job I write fundraising appeals for charities, which means the run up to Christmas is the busiest part of my year. I have zero chance of ever hitting the NaNo target.


I have a list of different GameLits I want to do that are based on JRPGs and MUD (think multiplayer roguelikes.)

So I have a lot things to plot and plan.

That and I’m warming up to a parody of 80s and 90s style heroic fantasy. That still has considerably science fiction elements.

But while I prefer Literary Fiction, I really don’t see why GameLit fiction couldn’t also be literary with a writer that has sufficient skills.

I very much don’t like the myth of genre vs. literary.


Weekly Check-in No 11.

If I remember right, most people are working on something right now, whether it be Nano, another challenge, or a specific piece of writing, so how are those going?

Is anyone working on something on top of their main goal?

How do you work writing into your life, particularly if you’re doing something like NaNo?

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I’m doing a NaNo project right now. It’s the only writing project I’m tackling for the moment, but my other hobby is knitting and I have three winter sweaters in progress on top of the writing.

When I’m not actually doing work related writing I do whatever takes my fancy at the time. For instance, yesterday I was in knitting mode. I still wrote 250 words, but I spent the majority of my day working on a sweater.

Today I’m in the mood to write some violence so I’m tackling an action scene. It’s actually the next scene in my project so fingers crossed I’ll get it finished, proof read and uploaded to WP by this evening. I’ve done 500 words so far this morning, another 300-400 after lunch and I should be there.


How I fit in writing is that I specifically plan for it. I set aside an hour a day for writing as my designated writing time, no matter how busy I might be that day. My NaNo project is going really well, I have gotten more done in 10 days than I have in weeks.


Good. Almost done with a chapter, so meeting that goal![quote=“minusfractions, post:815, topic:3850”]
Is anyone working on something on top of their main goal?

Well, I’m in a writing club at my school and I have to do a writing prompt sometime before December, so yes.

I find it hard to keep a set schedule for it, so I write whenever possible.


My NaNoWriMo Project is going great! I think I’m on track, maybe a few thousand behind. Since I’m aiming for 80K I’ve been doing 4K a day and I’m currently sitting at about 28K for the first week.

Haven’t been working on anything besides school on top of my main project. I put my FanFic on hold until after NaNo so I wouldn’t get distracted.


All ready for Dragonmeet bar the dice rolling, so I might have a bit kore time to do things. Then again, something usually comes along and fills in the gaps, so no promises.


That sounds great! I’d love to learn how to knit.

Good luck! Did you manage/are you almost there?