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Ideal! The hour a day is working well for you, then?


Sounds good, I always wished that my school had something like that. I’m currently trying to find out if there are writing groups in my city to see if I can make some offline writer friends. I love my online writer groups to bits, but I think with a few offline friends I could be motivated to write a lot more easily.


Oooft that’s a lot! How are you fitting it in?


I hope it’s fun! I’m sure it will be.

That’s always the way of it, isn’t it


I am somewhat, current project is upwards of 4K. 10K is much less of a challenge than it used to be.

Current project is an experiment kind of GameLit/LitRPG called a LItNihilistlike. Nihilist is a roguelike I finished programming last night that replaces fighting monsters with solving different kinds of cryptographic ciphers.

The MC is a young woman who is half Mexican half French, who had moved to Europe after the great crash of 2019, and now lives with her room mate in Strasbourg, while trying to get a job as a Game Tester.


Usually at night, and through various writing sprints. If I put my mind to it I can get 1000 words in 15-20 minutes


Work always expands to fill the time available.


It has been working pretty well. Only day I haven’t done it was today, and even then I got in half an hour.


Yep. I got the next part done, proof read and uploaded to my Wattpad page. It still needs work but that’s not the point of NaNo so onwards!


That’s good! Always good to have more freedom.

I’ve been meaning to write a spy story about ciphers since one of my lecturers went on a rant about them. Very interesting, especially in that’s past!


That sounds insane!


Precisely! Brave of you to put the pressure of uploading on yourself during Nano, though.


Weekly Discussion topic No. 12

What is your favourite element that you’ve taken from other media to include in your own writing?

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Meh. I’m doing NaNo just to encourage myself to develop a daily writing habit. I have zero hope of getting to the 50k target. This is about building a habit, even if it’s only 500 words a day.


How do you mean by element? That covers a multitude of sins.


I have totally stolen the look for my main male character from a game (The Last Of Us). Does that count?


That’s a good question…I’ll have to think on it.


I’m watching a show right now that seems to do everything technically right about fleshing out characters, and yet somehow … I don’t give a crap about them.

As a short story writer, are there ways one can prevent this? It seems like different things makes people care about characters than others.

I’m increasingly of the opinion just completely fleshing out a character isn’t enough. But rather you have to do something in story that somehow makes that fact about the character relevant to the plot.

Otherwise, it’s just a useless fact on a character profile. By this, I just mean, something that would actually cause an extra layer of conflict. Like I don’t need to know a characters favorite food is skittles, unless they’re going to choke on them during the plot.


Anything - plot device, character type, setting, theme, trope etc.


Yup! It’s a good look, too.