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I think it’s up to you as a writer what you want to do, because you’re right, people care for different reasons. The reason someone likes a character is the same reason someone dislikes them. There’s always going to be someone who dislikes what you’ve done, so do it the way you like. It’s only if the way you like really rubs the majority of your audience the wrong way that you might have an issue.



Honestly? I have no idea. Everything goes into my head. Everything comes out, eventually. It’s just a question of how it comes out. Where my influences really show is in my RPG writing. I tend to mine a seam of Lovecraftian horror and 1970s science fiction. At the last Games Expo I ran an adventure based on an old episode of Space 1999 but with added Outer Gods. I knew I was on the right track when one of the players yelled out, “IT’S BRIAN BLESSED!”

After that, things just went that bit better as the players were able to cut loose.


Campaigns like that are great fun!


MMO campaigns, or something different?


I think we’re talking about RPG here, I’m not too familair with MMO



I’m a survivor from the 80s. Coming up for forty years behind the dice.


Are you familiar with MUDs by any chance?

I’m actually finishing up a story about one.


Text-based or graphic-based? We used to run one in the school computer lab.


Weekly Check-in No. 12

How has this week been?

How’s progress overall on your main project(s)?

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Not bad. I passed the 16k mark on my NaNo project this morning. It’s all very rough and needs editing before I publish the next part though.


Not terrible but apparently I decided to take a break the last few days from everything, writing included.


Slow. But then again, I’m not in a rush. Thos week has been more about breadth than depth.


Yea text based. I’m thinking of doing a LitRPG on that sort of thing.


I can help you with either MUD or MUSH n that case.

Just don’t ask too many technical questions.


The first moment I know which is my main project, I’ll let you know.
Actually, I’m pleased with shuffling along through edits, tweaks, updates of flashers, website and a heap of larrikinism on FB and writing groups/forums - all interwoven around an otherwise difficult week.


Hello! I’d like to join the community. After much struggling I was finally able to write something today, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Around 4000 words of clumsy narrative. It felt great!


Weekly Discussion Topic

Quick drop in to leave this week’s topic. Will be back to update links/reply to people later when I get the chance.

What’s the most rewarding part of writing short stories?_

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When it feels effortless. Writing is hard, especially writing longer works so when a story pops in to your head and on to the page with minimal stress and hair pulling it feels great. Sadly, it’s only happened to me a few times, one was a flash fiction piece, once for the Amazon weekend write in and most recently when I wrote the prologue for my NaNoWriMo project, which I realise might not count.


It’s the ability to experiment. If you’re writing a short story, you can try things out to see whether they work or fit into your style. You do not have to make them fit into a greater whole unless you want to. If these things work, then they can be used later. If they don’t, then you can just discard them.


I agree with John, the short story offers interesting choices - stand completely alone or combine, with each becoming a chapter to further a larger story.
I enjoy doing this same potential expansion with Drabbles [exactly 100 worders], prompts for 500 worders, and another interesting concept - making a sentence, para, or several of these incorporating 6 random words. I do that one weekly too. Has led to some interesting concepts. All are such great challenges.