Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



That’s Nano for you! Congrats on hitting 16k, though.


That’s fair. You can’t do everything all the time.



That’s a skill to balance all that! Increasingly, I find myself not even trying to fit things in. But it’s the end of the semester, so I need to claw back as much of my sanity as possible.


Welcome! Glad you got back into it, I’m in a similar position myself at the moment. What do you like to write?

Do you want to be tagged when things happen here?


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All great points - and why I love shorts.


Thanks! I’d like to be tagged.

As for what I enjoy writing I’m honestly not quite sure. It’s been so long since I’ve taken time to write that I’ve forgotten what each genre feels like. So right now I’m experimenting with everything I can think of, which is why I’m interested in short stories. It’s a cozy, low-stakes way to play around with words.

Currently I’m trying my hand at horror, which is a genre I haven’t really written in. I think I’ve only written two horror stories in my entire life. It’s tremendously difficult. I wonder how all the horror-pros do it!


You can engage with an idea, without having to worry about whether it will peter out like a novel.

At least so was the thought before I found Wattpad. Now it seem like every person regardless of their own literary qualifications litters with comments longer than the story itself.

I mean how much is there really to comment on, on a story that’s only 500 words? Certainly not a collection of comments from the same person that amount to 3,500 words.


It can be made easier when you’re just keeping your work either on your computer, and printed out on a page bundle, because you don’t have to worry about stories not yet ready for publications being treated as if they were.

A story isn’t ready for anything, until I’ve had 10 to 12 passes on it myself. I don’t need people looking over my shoulder telling me what works in a story and what doesn’t.


Proper horror is not easy. It’s easy to write shock or gore. But to write the true horror that gnaws at your soul? That is hard. I tend to default to either gothic or Lovecraftian.


I find physically writing something concentrates the mind wonderfully. So, all my first drafts are in longhand these days. It has given me a little scribes bump on my index finger, though.


Finally finished revising my LitRPG. So I should have more time to do things, including more 500 word writing prompts, and editing my Franco-Western.

I hope my tendency to not elaborate on character backstory doesn’t carry over into my short fiction, but then again that’s what editing/revision is for.


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Nov 16 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


Sounds like a good plan! I hope it works out for you.


Really? I’ve not seen much of that on shorts. Certainly would be an achievement.


Weekly Check-In No. 13

How has this week gone?

For those of you doing NaNo, the end is in sight! Anyone going to celebrate the end, even if they don’t hit their goal?

Also, should we begin the process of picking a new writing prompt? If so, should all of the past suggestions be ignored, or should we vote on them plus any new ones suggested?

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I’d love a new writing prompt.

I’m just hoping it doesn’t create more self-contradictions in my work.

My works are so thoroughly interconnected that they paradoxically seem disconnected.


You could just write something separate from your main works? A little one-off. You don’t even need to post it on Wattpad in order to share it with the rest of us if you feel it will mess up your page.


I may have to also insist on comments on my work in my Inbox.

Especially on a website where people tend to hive mind around each other opinions, this is especially important while I’m working on a story.


Not doing NaNo - never have. Spent week housekeeping WIPs and sites. And the regular prompt commitments I have chosen to set myself.
Also working on an idea for a WP competition.
Next prompt? How about you just choose one and hit us with it?
Last time, having all those choices and many votes, there were still only 3 stories submitted.
Maybe members here are happier with one of two choices - do it or not!!
No harm to try, huh?


Whatever it is, I’ll twist it.