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I was thinking along the same lines. But then we still can’t account for people who just don’t have the time/inspiration.


I had a miserable cold last week so not much writing got done. It’s looking like I’ll finish NaNo on about 20k words as a result (was aiming for 25k).

I tend to do writing prompts as and when the mood takes me so I’m pretty laid back about that. I do recall there was a Weekend Write In thread somewhere though. I used to enjoy those on Amazon. Because they were only one word long you got all sorts of responses.



Looks like we’re looking for writing prompt #2 now. For now, suggest you prompts here (and answer my poll about voting next time, please). When everyone is happy they’ve had a chance to contribute, we’ll vote again.

I realise a lot of people have joined since last time we chose prompts/voted/wrote about them, so if you have any questions, let me know! I think most of the information is available at the top of the threads, but sometimes it’s hard to keep track.
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Weekly Discussion Topic No. 14

Writing novels seems to generate more novel ideas. With short stories being smaller and having more freedom, do you find that you get more plot bunnies when writing them? Why/why not?
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Also, I realised I haven’t really participated in the check-in. I’ll do that in a bit.


A shame you wont meet your goal, especially due to sickness, but 20k is still a huge achievement!

Yup! There is a weekend writing thread in this short story category I believe. This is slightly different - idea being we can discuss as we write, read, and help each other. At least, that’s the hope


I had to google what a plot bunny is! For people like me who aren’t very hip here is a definition: “A plot bunny is a story idea that refuses to go away until it is written.”

Very fortuitous that this is the week’s topic since it’s something I’m experiencing. For awhile I’ve had this idea about an otherworldy shop that sells weird, occult trinkets, and wanted to write a few short stories about it. Each story would involve a different person and a different item that they’ve purchased, and the effect said item has on their lives. I’m trying to give it an upbeat, almost comedic, horror vibe like in Tales from the Cryptkeeper. It’s been difficult to get the tone right. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually figure it out if I bash my head against the keyboard long enough.


Ha! I have plot warrens full of the little darlings! Writing short stories is just one way of dealing with them before they vanish. You can only take so many notes, and some of these never get acted on.


Excellent advice.
And just like bunnies, those little darlings multiply in so many directions you [and they] can hardly breathe in the depths of their warrens.
Great to let them out for a bit of fresh air in the form of short/shorts.
Amazing benefits to both yourself and your little honeys!


Don’t bash your head Kit. All those great ideas might fall out.
You’re on a winner there, I’m sure. Sounds great.
Just be patient, and like John recommends,‘shorties’ are a way of dealing with them before they vanish.
Quick… off you go now!


Thanks for the encouragement! It’s just frustrating whenever I find that my vision is farther than my reach. It’s tempting to try and rush things along. But going slow ain’t so bad, I suppose. :turtle:


Sounds like my kind of thing!

Lots of experiments might leave you with less head damage… Sounds like it will be fun though! Hope it works out for you.


I reckon I’m 50/50 on used and unused which isn’t a great ratio… Too many bunnies, too little time!


And they just keep multiplying!


Just a quick note to say I wont be able to do the weekly check-in and disucssion topix this week, could someone else handle it, please? The link to the topics is still in the “what’s going on” post at the top or make one up.


I could do it this week, when do you normally post it?


I calculate one week since the last one?




*rolls in*
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Is this thread dead or alive?

Are there humans here?


Just a bit quiet, but, as you can see, we’re still here.