Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



I didn’t actually. But I get it now, lol. I suck at catching references xD


My other response was going to be the first law of thermodynamics, but I had the sneaking suspicion that wasn’t what we were going for here :joy:


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed into other forms of energy.

Or something like that.


About 3,000 more words to go before I take a break on Lidier’s game. I may have to wait till after Christmas to finish this first half.


Welcome! What kind of things do you like to write?


Thank you! :blush: I’ve mostly written general/teen fiction, and a little bit of romance. Mostly something along those lines. But, I do like to try out different genres and I’ve been trying to experiment in other genres. How about you?


Mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but short stories are great for branching into other things so I’ve dipped my toes into other stuff.


Weekly Check-in and some other stuff

  • How are things going? Did I miss much?
  • Anyone got any specific things they want to achieve before the end of the year?

A couple of things, now that we’ve seen how the first few months of this have panned out.

The book club thread was closed for inactivity. We can still look at it (via the link in one of the top posts) and if I can edit posts then there’s the option that we can still use it as a reading list? That way we don’t need to make a new one if we’re not going to use it. Or we can find another way to share links to the prompt stories.

Speaking of the prompts, it’s been a few days and there’s been nothing new added. Has everyone added prompts that wants to? In terms of picking a prompt, which would be better?

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Hopefully more people are able to participate this time!

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By the way, would you like to be added to the tag list?


Fantasy is one of my favourite genres to read. Haven’t really wrote full on fantasy story, though I’d like to some day. That’s very true. I’ve only written short stories so far. I did try out novel but didn’t work out. Hopefully can write one soon.


Sure. :slight_smile:


Me either, I’ve only ever done shorts. I’m also hoping to try one soon, though.


Things are going alright, though writing’s been slow lately. I blame it being winter lol


That’s fair. It’s hard to be motivated when it’s cold and dark.


Good luck to us! :blush:


I haven’t actually worked on any shorts in a month. I’ve been so behind on my other stuff that I just haven’t been able to.


I’ve been continuing with my NaNoWriMo project, refining characters, moving the story on, laying the groundwork for the resolution of the story, which may end up in a separate book at the rate I’m going.


Cold and dark’s the best time of year to write. Long nights in, time to think, no need to do the gardening,

I’ve managed to get a fair bit written this last week - doing something for my irl writing group’s anthology magazine, editing a friend’s book (he should get his money back off the previous editor) and finishing of a 1k500 word piece.


Don’t know about you, but I missed most of this thread since I was tagged because of being bad at keeping up with things. Sorry! :sweat_smile: I haven’t participated in any of the prompts so far, but I’d really like to have a go soon.

5000 words by the end of the year. This has been a pretty bad writing year for me, especially compared to last year, but I’d love it if I could have a two week spell of writing everyday.

Is anybody thinking about any writing goals for next year yet?


I tend to write better in spring and summer, helped by long days and fingers that aren’t freezing. I think perhaps my writing is powered by photosynthesis. Well done on all the writing you’ve got done this week!