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I like it, though and I’m also not a professional

this sentence feels incomplete to me. Why/where are they sending humans? I’d suggest adding that they are investigating space/other planets or something along those lines.


I’m new here, just signing up a few days ago. I’m a south buffalo guy, who is planning on getting a few novels published on amazon pretty soon. i’m also looking to share a few stories here at the site.


Thank you!


Another writing funk, one observation I’ve noticed: I’ll go for a while without writing, and then rebound back. But Nov/Dev is awful for me, so I usually spend this month outlining.


So true! But I have the blatant inability to plan absolutely anything . . .

Actually, amend that. I can plan, but I can never follow through with those plans without drastic changes. So I prefer to just write and I kind of just hold my whole outline in my head. Then I can morph and shift things around as needed without having them planted so firmly on paper. (I know that you can change things, even on paper, but my thoughts shift so quickly, I just find it easier to keep it in my head :P)


I finally finished a Short Story, like two minutes ago. Super excited, enigmatic, and happy that neglecting sleep has paid off. Good night, now (:smile:


Congrats! What’s it about?

Sleep deprivation is my anthem. I slept 3 hours last night, took my final, and fell asleep in the middle of it. It was awesome. Not.


It was a remake of a short story I wrote back in middle school. Dontcha ever read your old writing and want to pour kerosine all over it?
Anyways, the story rotates around this twenty nine year old MC, Abraham. Essentially he doesn’t have the best childhood, he tried, but his situation wasn’t helping. So, because of his childhood trauma he is now controlled by that same trauma and lives by it. His motto being; it’s better to be hurt, than to hurt others. The story branches off and we get to explore his past, how it manipulates his present, and how it will ruin him if he keeps living by it.

…shamless plug but I just posted it on my profile so uh… yeh…

Thanks for asking! Feels good to vent (:


Also, finals suck…


‘pour kerosene over it’??
For starters, it’s the foundation for what you write now, right? If it were not strong in some way, could you have had inspiration for your current work from nothing at all?

Earlier this week I wrote an OMP blog about past efforts some consider ‘cringe-worthy’ and pointed out that we are surely not ashamed of our earliest and shakiest talking/walking/drawing/reading/writing - ALL part of a great learning curve we embarked upon when we entered Life. So why our earlier storytelling efforts?

Instead, please be proud of where you’ve come from and celebrate your journey.

So sayeth ChristineSevenThree! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :upside_down_face:


Lol, I read my old writing and honestly, sometimes, I’m like Why can’t I still be like this? Some of that shit’s bomb haha.

Oh, interesting. So it’s kinda just a tale of dealing/not dealing with issues, and what comes from the decision you make? How long is your story?


We all have ‘old shames’. Being ashamed of my earlier writing is not one of those for me, though.

I’m friends with a number of archivists. They really hate electronic media - not because they don’t think it’s a good idea, but because it is too easy to lose the creative record. People do not keep old electronic versions. They overwrite them, improve them, edit them and delete them. Even if they do keep them, electronic media are still unstable and there is no guarantee that something you write today will be readable in 10 years’ time.

So @RomansOneSixteen, keep your old stuff. Archive it in an accessible form. Make some friends of mine very happy.


Weekly Check-in

How are things this week? Nice to see some conversation going.
How many things are you working on at the moment?
Are there any pieces you began to write this year that have since gotten lost in busy life/lack of inspiration/ etc.?

About to use the random number generator to get two prompts, so stay tuned for that as well!

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Prompt(s) #2 Chosen

To be clear, you can choose either to write a short with (but if you want to do both, go for it!) Once you’ve completed it and posted it on Wattpad, PM me a link, the title, and a brief summary and I’ll add it to the reading list.
No hard deadline - aim for end of February-ish.

In the meantime, feel free to discuss your ideas, progress etc. about the prompts!

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The writing’s slow, but every word counts, right? So, it’s good, I guess. Just working on one short story for my on-going short stories collection, and some editing along side.


Quiet. It’s the rundown to Christmas. However, I’ve just been a bit floored as one of the gaming conventions I do has just opened up submissions for games. The convention isn’t until June. Fortunately I’ve got a backlog of gaming adventures in my notebooks but - December? Really?


Short story writing has been ridiculously slow lately. I have been working on editing one of my longer works.



Two, technically

My original sadly


i trick i picked up a number of years ago sarah, is if your in a “funk” or have writer’s block, write something else. some lyrics, a short story (or at least begin a short story) i find it works beautifully.


Whatever you do, don’t just stare at a blank sheet of paper. That really kills creativity.