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I want to improve upon ‘show don’t tell’. That is one of the biggest criticisms I have gotten with writing is that I do a lotta telling and not a whole lot of showing. In fact, up till very recently, I didn’t know HOW to show and not tell.


Hey, newbie here. Been lurking for a few days but only just joined today, and would really like to join this community.

One thing I’d like to improve going forward is actually getting back into writing every day. Back when I was a teenager I wrote all of the time, but I haven’t really written anything creatively (except for university) for years. Consequently, my writing quality has definitely gone down. So really going to push myself to get back into the habit, and not keep making excuses.


I’ve just received a quite fantastic critique from a WP contest I’ve entered. Their suggestions are such I am seriously looking forward to improving my words. I have a couple of weeks to do so.
‘Think I can…, think I can…’
Surely going to try!


On the topic of short stories.
What do you people write about mostly? What topi you try to approach?


I’ve done erotica and crime and am about to do a ghost story for the prompt thread.

With short stories I’ll tackle anything that springs in to my head that looks like it has legs, regardless of the genre. They have all contained an element of romance though, so I guess I’m a softie at heart. :blush:


I might be curious in your crime short story!




Maybe you could try a little challenge? When I found myself not writing very much I tried a prompt a day type of thing. Sometimes I’d only write a few lines, but other times I’d get into writing and jump onto one of my main projects.


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It’s a strange thing to teach/learn, but once you know how to do it, you know


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Like I was saying to CrownedMadness, maybe a daily prompt challenge would help? Sometimes the hardest part of writing is starting, so using a prompt to get a few lines down, even if you then switch onto a different piece of work, can help. I found it helped me write every day.



Good luck! Sounds promising!


Hi guys!

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I know right? I think I actually get it now though so I am going to try and implement it in my writing. Though I gotta say, it’s kinda awkward to implement in a story written in journal format.


That’s a cool idea, I’ve tried it once but you know irl schedule kinda messed it up. Do you keep a word count or just write what comes to the mind? Even if it’s just one line?


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Dec 21 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


I can imagine!


This is how I did it. Word count goals have never worked for me, especially when I don’t feel like writing. Knowing I can write as little as a sentence encourages me to give it a go.


That sounds encouraging. I’ll try it out. Thank you! :slight_smile: