Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



That is productive! No break in between?

Mine was fairly unproductive - Christmas prep. and seeing friends before they went home for Christmas took over. But this week has been better, thankfully.




I feel like I say this every year.

You could always write it and keep it on the back burner for posting next year?


How do you keep them separate in your mind?

Congratuations, good luck with it.


No break :smile: I’m glad your week was better :blush:


I got two cool books:

The timetables of history which gives the major points of each year in table form (it’s really great to sit and flick through)

and a Dungeon Master’s Guide for D&D which will hopefully help me up my DMing (running the game)


Impressive! I always need one or I go crazy and burn out. I guess if it’s a series it’s not so different to writing one HUGE book? Mentally, I mean. Part of the reason I need a break is to distance myself enough from one story so all my works don’t mush together.


It’s pretty much a group for authors of all genres to talk about writing and get feedback and just chat in general. The group’s on Discord so if you’re interested, I will PM the invite


Sounds good to me!


Alright cool, I will send you the invite =)


Thaddeus what i love about short stories, for me they are easy and fun to write. My ideas come briefly to me so I don’t drag out the plot and make twist. I just do simple :smile: I was afraid of the two books mushing but now not so much :blush: How is your writing been?


5th ed, I take it? Unless you’re planning on joining the ranks of us OSR-types?


I’m becoming that way too, and I think it’s the short story influence. My writing has been good this week, I started a new project that will probably be a novella and wrote the first chapter and a bit.


Yeah, 5e.


Remember - half the game is knowing when not to apply the rules!


I’m getting a good dose of that through my first party (my friends) and from a D&D group I watch online. There’s a time for saying “f*** this, it’ll be fun”


Oh yes. Sometimes the madness just happens right.


Weekly Check-In

I realise people may have been busy celebrating various holidays, but how has the writing been? (Also, did everyone have good holidays)
Any last minute things you’re trying to finish/squeeze in before the new year?

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Last night I joined a 300 word a day challenge thread on the Improve Your Writing Board.

380 words done today. :partying_face:


Writing’s been pretty slow with the holidays but I am gonna try and squeeze in finishing two chapters today if I can manage it. Gonna be pretty short chapters but oh well.