Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



Good idea. Are you close?


Yeah, they’re a few good ones for the genres I write. I decided to do one of the general fiction prompts about overcoming an obstacle.


That’s good then! Good luck with it.


I’m playing with that one too, Sylvia - trying it on for size to see if it’s likely to grow up to novella status.
Thinking it’s really worthwhile for the exercise of creating something completely new from previous ‘maybes’ and ‘wannabes’ - and of course, I needed another challenge like a hole in the head!
The next three weeks before submissions close for the first 2000 words will decide all for me.


It was very nice. I am always glad to have quiet days


Well, good luck on that one.

I’m always happy to see more of the shorter form stories and less of the doorstops. I’m just not somebody who can write long form. I’ve tried, but it never seems to work. I can write thirty short stories in a month if I put my mind to it, but try to write the same amount of words as one story?


Me too, John. My longer works [like memoirs/kiddy stories] have all been stand-alone chapters that can happily roll together. But one continuous? Don’t know. Time will tell.


Worth trying, though.


Three chapters! Probably own the do any until my trip is over though…


Weekly Check-In

Happy new year everyone!

What are your writing goals for the year?
What about writing goals for the month?
Have you been writing more over the winter holidays or less?
How’s the writing going in general?

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Maybe finish an original book.

Get ahead on the Open Novella

A lot more, which is amazing. (means I also haven’t been doing homework…)

It’s been speeding up lately, but that might change since breaks ending


Have you got one in mind?

What genre/kind of story are you writing for it?

Me too. I didn’t have homework, per se (because my university doesn’t give homework) but I did have stuff that I could have and probably should have worked on.


This teen fic/ YA book I’ve been working on and off with for the past two years XD. It’s a very sensitive topic, so most of my time has been researching.

General Fiction about a mother’s journey to adopt a child


Sounds like a good idea.

A nice idea. Good luck with it. How long does the Open Novella Contest run for?


Um, it’s in like a few parts, but I think in March?


The brain has turned to mush after preparing five games for a convention in June. I’m hoping I can get back to doing some fiction writing soon. In the meantime, I am setting no goals. Not until I have some idea of what I want to do.

Seriously? Who has submissions in January for a convention in June? That is just … .


That’s a good amount of time. I hope school doesn’t disrupt it too much for you. Doesn’t sound like I’ll be able to compete, unfortunately.


Don’t blame you. How long are each of the games?

That’s fair. I had to spend a lot of December deciding what I wanted.


Gonna be shooting for doing 30 min of writing a day if I can. Really I just want to get caught up on it. I got super behind over the holidays.


Are you working on a project/deadline in particular?

I’m aiming for 15-30 too. Hoping I can get in a routine so I don’t fall behind when class starts back.