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Not really, but I have like, six chapters of character journal entries to write before I can get back to editing the stuff I took down. And I keep adding more to that list.


Does it need to be done in that order?


Each of the sessions is four hours long, and each game is for up to six players. That’ll take up the whole weekend! Five different rules sets, five different genres.

But there are compensations. I get food and bed for the weekend, as well as free entry.


Not necessarily but it makes me feel better if I do. No idea why


You have a packed weekend! Hope you have fun, though.


I usually do. Conlife is a special kind of madness.


Edit and revise my novel, participate in more science fiction short story contests (gotta keep writing) and write book three of my trilogy.

Participate in the Jan. Sci-Fi short story contest (when it’s posted) and begin revisions on Losses of Time.

Less writing but more revising.

Good. Honestly, I’m itching to start a new project but I’m waiting for the contest prompt to be posted so I have a deadline and don’t not finish. I need to write so badly, though…


What are your writing goals for the year?

Finish, or at least get over the 100k mark on my novel length WIP. Would be nice to have a new short story published too. I haven’t submitted anything for publication in a long time.

What about writing goals for the month?

Primarily this involves staying awake and avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Have you been writing more over the winter holidays or less?

More definitely. Winter is when I’m most in the mood for writing.

How’s the writing going in general?

Not bad compared to this time last year when I had completely ground to a halt.


The sci-fi and wattpunk contest on here are pretty good, actually!

Fair enough. It’s always a trade-off unfortunately. (Well, unfortunately if you’re like me and dislike editing but enjoy writing)

Have you ever tried flash fiction in 50 or 100 words? Might help the need to write without tying you to a big project?


Ooft that’ll be a long WIP. Is it fantasy?

Good goals. I’ll only manage one of those two :joy:

Good to hear.


Sci fi. The other word count monster. :laughing:


Not always! But enjoy. Hopefully it being one project will help get a lot of words down. Will you do any wordcount challenges like Nano (or own made ones)?


Weekly Discussion Topic

How do you make writing goals? What kind of things do you think make good goals versus bad (unrealistic/unachievable) goals?

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There’s a #300words challenge running here and I’m also doing the Page A Day challenge on Twitter for January.


I had this discussion with my writing group recently because despite them all saying they wanted to complete a novel in 2019, they all decided it wasn’t the best goal for them. They all thought that something so specific would just put unnecessary pressure on and be disappointing if they didn’t reach it, when the reality is they could not finish for any number of good reasons, like changes to the plot, the story being longer than expected, or real life things that just have to take precedence. In the end, they’ve opted for goals that will hopefully lead them to finishing a novel, but in a more productive way. One’s planning to write x words per day, the other for y minutes. I agree with them that this is a better way to go about it. It’s like breaking the whole thing into smaller, more manageable goals.


Oh, nice! I saw the 300 words one. Page a day sounds interesting too.

My plan/hope is 15-30 minutes a day. I’ve decided it doesn’t necessarily need to be writing, since this month I have a lot of writing-related things like cleaning up my wattpad profile and other things like that, that are kind of needed to set me up for writing.


I definitely think goals have to be achievable. I do NaNo every year, knowing damn well I’ll never knock out 1667 words a day. It’s mostly for the friendship and the kick in the pants to write anything, as opposed to nothing.

300 words per day is much more my speed. I can do that in a morning. With a full time job that is about as good as my pace is ever going to get.


Goal for the year or in general is to write more. Make time to write, don’t care about the word count or how much I’ve written but rather just write. I guess that got to be it.

Writing’s been slow. But, hopefully, I’ll get back on track soon. :slight_smile:


My problem with writing goals is that I rarely stick with them. Something usually comes along to break the streak, throw me off course, or I just lose interest. So, I stick to short stories. The only writing goal I have with those is to write. If I add something to the world, then it’s a good day.


I’m in a similar position. Aiming for 15-30 minutes on my lunch breaks.