Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



Me too. Good luck to you!

Got my fingers crossed for you!


Sounds good to me. I think this is one of the reasons I’m tending towards shorts too.


Thank you! :blush:


Happy (belated) New Years everyone! Fingers-crossed that you’re all doing well. I, for one, am glad that I can finally put the holidays behind me. Let’s just say things get awkward during family gatherings…

As for this week’s topic, my writing goal is to finish some of my unfinished stories. I’ve been leaving a lot of them in limbo; abandoning writing whenever I think up another idea to play around with. Unkind of me, I think! Those poor, innocent fictions. So, I’m aiming to get three of them done, with at least one done by the end of the month, with a faint hope for all three. A simple, small victory to start out my New Year.


Sounds like a good plan to me! I could do with rescuing some shorts from limbo too, but I can be pretty bad at it.


my first writing goal this year is to enter the open novella contest on WP. I haven’t posted anything other than short stories on here yet, and I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to stick at a project- but hopefully the presence of clear deadlines should help me keep on track.

I’ve been writing a lot more over the holidays. it’s summer for me, very hot out, so staying inside writing has been a good way to use my time.


Some people re natural short story writers; some people are natural novel writers. A few lucky people can write whatever they want. Don’t worry too much about it.


Good luck! If there’s ever a time to give it a shot, it sounds like the open novella contest might be it. Is this the first time you’ve written something longer, or just the first time posting it?


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Jan 11 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


My first time posting. I’ve written longer stuff before, but I’ve never felt confident enough to post it. I’m more of a perfectionist with my longer stories than with short stories for some reason- but I’ve got to start somewhere! :slight_smile:

Short Story Writers Hangout.

This is a good excuse then! I hope you get a lot from it, even if it doesn’t turn out quite as you’d like.


Weekly Check-In

How has everyone’s week been? Everyone back into a normal routine after the holidays?
How has writing gone?

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For me, it’s been hard to shake the holidays. This week wasn’t a proper week of classes and I haven’t been able to get into my writing routine as easily because of that. I’ve been busy, but not so busy that I don’t have time to write, it’s more that without the routine I forget to add it into my day.

I did write a little this week, though, and perhaps more importantly, I’ve planned out a couple of shorts so that I can hopefully work on them when times are busy.


I’ve had a few days off from the big WIP and joined the 500 Word Weekend Write In instead for a little flash fiction therapy. :blush:


‘Normal’ is just a setting on the washing machine around here!

Actually, this week has been quite good. Four short pieces written, with another one in the process of being edited. Which basically involves sitting there and looking at it going, “Hmm.” This is totally opposed to the editing that I do professionally, which usually involves lots of red pen and rather inventive cursing. And tea. Lots of tea.

Why do the management think they can write? And why do engineers even try? And before anyone says anything, I am an engineer.


The reading has been good as well. I’ve managed to read all the books for my local book group meeting, and there are still two weeks to that.

Now, Sunday chores to do … .


Phew… there’s a question.
Just completed 2nd draft of first 2,000 words of novella competition.
Will I be able to do the next challenge - 6,000 words in a month, continuing same story? Easy-peasy for some, I know, but when you’ve been a ‘flasher’ and ‘shortie’ for so long… hmmm!!
Time will surely tell.
Add that to an exceptionally trying and traumatic Life happening this week, and ‘Houston, we have a problem!’


Thank you!
I’ve had a pretty good week. the novella project’s getting off to a good start. I feel like if I get a lot done early, I’ll have something to fall back on if circumstances pop up later on that could slow me down.

I’m still typing up my stuff from Nanowrimo. The prospect of finding out how many words I got in a month was really exciting at the beginning, but now it’s a bit of a drag typing it all out. That’s okay, though. It’s not an urgent thing.


Writing’s going pretty darn well I gotta say. I am getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. Wrote 914 words yesterday, I am proud of myself. Just gotta run it by my beta reader before posting it!


Sleepless? I’ve been staying up really late to get schoolwork done

Kind of. Slowly getting back into the groove.

I’m getting through some things XD


Got started on a new project…shouldn’t have but I did.

I’m not quite back to a normal routine but school starts back tomorrow so I’ll find a routine from there.

Did get lots of revision done on my plane ride! It’s slow going but it’s going :slight_smile: