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This is an issue, especially if the one person who hate the character is the critic reviewing


You’re enjoy the idea and writing it then?


It never does, unfortunately


Yeah, definitely.

This is where having a small cast can really help, because then the story can be about those one or two people and their life.


It might help you get out of it! Prompts and deadlines can be a good combination, so long as your writer’s block doesn’t stem from a burnout


I’m hoping for that! :crossed_fingers:


Weekly Check-in

How’s this week of writing been?
Has anyone started on a short story based on the prompt(s)?
Also, out of interest, has anyone been receiving floods of spam comments on their works this week? Reported it to Wattpad, though I assume they already know.

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Slow. Although I have managed to get an adventure written for a game of Little Wizards. Writing adventures for kids is not easy.

Yes - one for the ‘last train’ prompt. I put it into one of my collections, but I haven’t been able to publicise it.



How’s this week of writing been?
Still slogging through the next chapter for my novel length WIP. It’s taking soooo long, but I am meeting my 300 words a day challenge with it.

Has anyone started on a short story based on the prompt(s)?
I have my idea for the last train prompt but haven’t started it yet as I’m trying to make a dent in my WIP. I am doing the 500 word weekend write in though.

Also, out of interest, has anyone been receiving floods of spam comments on their works this week?
There’s spam follows and spam porn profiles too. There’s a pinned post in the cafe about it.


And lo - for it is written. Wherever there are people gathered on the internet, somebody will try to extract money from them.

Spam killed usenet. It means I don’t answer phone calls from numbers I do not recognise, I delete 95% of my emails and I see my iPad battery drop faster than stocks in a budget airline.


Writings been good, slowing down some but that’s okay.

Haven’t started anything new I’m afraid.

I got a couple on my old account but they looked like they’d already been deleted.


Any tips? I’m the only one in my family that plays roleplaying games, but I’m from a family of very geeky people who have asked me to run them a oneshot (which would include a few small cousins) I’m really looking forward to do it.

Seems to be the more popular of the two prompts!


That’s the important thing. And yeah, novels do feel really long after you’ve written shorts for a while :grimacing:

Fair enough, I’ll be in the same boat this week as I want to finish a chapter, but I have started a piece.

Good to know, I hadn’t seen that. Surprised there’s not been a bigger announcement given how small a percentage of users come on here.


Yeah, mine too.


As for me:

Writing has actually been pretty good this week. My irl friend has started a blog and we’ve been motivating each other to write using sprints/word wars.

I really like both prompts, but I’m going for the double alias one, purely because I’ve used the last train one before :sweat_smile:


Weekly Discussion Topic

What’s the best writing challenge you’ve ever done? Whether it be a list of prompts, word count goals, or other challenge.

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I tend to favour word limit ones rather than prompts or themes. The one word prompt for the Write In is OK though. That doesn’t limit your imagination too much.

I also think word limit challenges are good for teaching you how to be succinct, and I need that. The most extreme I’ve done is Twitter fiction and that’s quite a challenge. It’s not great productivity wise though, because you can spend several hours just on one or two sentences.


Surprisingly, not bad. I think, if I keep up the pace, I might actually get back on track. :fist:

Sorry, no. I’m working on ONC atm.

No, I haven’t. Didn’t even know about the issue. o.o


I haven’t taken part in a lot of challenges. I’m not a fan of word limits. But, I’ve done a few prompts challenge. So, I’d say prompt challenges. Work on your creativity, I suppose.


If self-given challenges count, I have a project going where I am writing out the backstories of all my characters in short story format.