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@BaguetteLauncher @johnnedwill I think the other big benefit of anthologies on Wattpad (and why everything of mine is in an anthology) is that Wattpad doesn’t make it particularly easy for readers to access your next piece of work. It relies on them going to your profile and searching, which is more clicks than people are generally prepared to do. Sometimes your other works show up as recommendations after parts, but most of the times I’ve seen it its been other authors.




Recently I met the challenges of a writing competition. I was unsuccessful but the critiques and feedback I received were enormously beneficial.
I took them on board - now giving myself a little space to consider all, and then plan to go to work on the piece again.
Hoping those comments and suggestions create improved work. If not this time, maybe future efforts will be that much better.
It’s called a ‘learning curve’, I do believe.


The problem is getting meaningful feedback in the first place, though. That means somebody has to read your work in the first place, as a lot of ‘issues’ aren’t always obvious to the writer.

I thought about some of their other competitions, but the prompts were too specific for my taste.


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Jan 25 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


Weekly Check-In

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I don’t have access to my laptop at the moment and I forgot I had the app.

How did your writing go this week?
Is anyone doing any challenges in February?

Weekly discussion topic

What do you think you bring to short stories that nobody or very few others bring?

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I started out on a roll this week but kind of ran out of steam by Thursday. But my WIP won a Wattpad competition last night so now I have an incentive to get cracking again. :open_mouth::blush:

I have no challenges in mind. I’ve submitted a 100 word flash piece to a competition. It’s the first one I’ve entered that actually pays a cash prize and the winner is decided by public vote, so anyone following me will get a polite request on Feb 1st to please vote for me. :smile:


Well, I finished typing all my nanowrimo stuff up a few weeks ago, and I ended up getting around 20,000 words. Not too bad for a baseline, and I’ll hope to do it again this year.

I’m still working on my Open Novella entry, I reached the 10,000 word mark on that today, so, halfway through! Continuing with that through February and March, so that’ll probably take up a lot of my writing focus… not so many short stories coming from me, lately.

I’m not sure what I bring to short stories that is unique… I’ve been told that my imagery is pretty good, but that’s not a particularly unique thing. All I can hope for is that my stories are enjoyable! :slight_smile:


Oh god I didn’t write a thing last week. I got so behind on literally everything last week that I don’t know how I am going to get back on it


challenges? lol no, my only challenge is cracking the market code


Hehe…so funny story…

I’m now writing another book. On top of revising, and workin on another full WIP. And school…

I need 2,000 words by tomorrow.

Please pray I don’t die and make better life decisions after this.


Challenges? No thanks, I’ve already got more than enough on my plate - and not all of it is writing!

I started back into my calligraphy this weekend just passed, and I am bored of copying out passages from other work. I may try it with my own stories, but it takes a lot of effort.


Hello, I am Anika.
I just found this thread and I hope you don’t mind me joining.

I am writing a short story for the first time,(TBH I have tried before but they normally stretch out into a novel :sweat_smile:.) and I thought it would be nice to get to know people who have been doing it before.

I don’t have an awful lot of time now but I don’t want to stop writing either, so I decided to start working on short stories.


The writing’s going well. I’m focused on ONC for now, and will be occupied till March. So, other works are on hold for now. Having not written stories above 5k words in my life, it’s gonna be quite a challenge to make it to 20k words. xD

I’m not sure, actually. I’ve been complimented on my ability to convey the emotions through words by a few readers. But, I don’t know. Honestly, I only hope the readers find it worth reading.


Hi there, Anika! Welcome to the thread! :slight_smile: What genres do you write?


Genres, not really.
Just one genre. Like I said I am just starting.
I am planning on writing a fantasy, sort of a part of what can later be made into a full novel.

What about you?


That’s great! Fantasy is one of my favourite genres to read, but haven’t written full-on fantasy story yet. Hopefully some day. I write mostly general/teen fiction and romance, and is currently working on a mystery thriller for ONC 2019. :slight_smile: What’s your story about?


Short story?
Two people have to sneak inside a castle to steal a gun that could otherwise possibly bring their dooms.


That is cool.
Which prompt did you choose?

(There is a prompt right?)


Ooh, nice! Is it like a one shot or with couple of chapters? :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s fun. :slight_smile: I chose the prompt no. 6 from Thrilling Fiction. A new territory for me, but I’ve always wanted to try out mystery thriller some day. And, I finally have a reason. :wink: