Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



I’d go with that.


Sounds good to me, too.


Thank you! :blush:


Yeah, absolutely. :slight_smile: Me either. Never been great with word count/limits.


Hallo CM. I’m doing the ONC too - and also pushing with those second section 6,000 words.
Like yourself, have not done longer than short story, particularly flash and micro fiction.
I’ve done a couple that were 50,000 - 60,000 words, but with stand-alone chapters that continue the whole story. Find them particularly do-able.
Even if I’m unable to meet the second and third sections of this challenge, I’m happy with how I’m being forced to reconsider my work… and perfectly ready to admit defeat if I’m not satisfied with the results within the time constraints.
Then I’ll just plod on at my own pace to finish to the standard I want, and be grateful for the experience.
Do you know if they give critiques as they go? I was in another competition where I had the best critique and suggestions. No winners there for me - but experience gained was magnificent.
‘Break a pencil’ by the way!!


Yes thank you. Had a barrage of tests after unexplained ankle swelling, high blood pressure, headache, some unsteadiness, etc. Some nasties suspected - but all has returned to normal [test results all positive so far] and none the wiser about what happened.
As always, my writing provided welcome distraction.


Should I Google it? Heehee.
Nah… forget it - took a peek and all I could see was sea.


Things like that are so frustrating. Hopefully it stays gone


Can’t use my laptop at the moment but i’ll do it when I can.


Weekly Check-In

What have you been working on this week and how’s it going?

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Any particular types of fantasy?

I’m mostly fantasy and sci-fi


Shame, could see it going down well on Instagram. Though social media can be a hassel.


Finished writing a short story for chick-lit competition, though I have to still do a lot of cutting short work before it comes to the desired word count


Well, I’ve been working on a fantasy short story, two of my fanfictions, my open novella entry and my screenplay


Sounds good! Do you think it will be easy to cut down?


Sort of a mix of both. Story basically revolves around war between magical people and scientifically advanced people.


Sounds very productive!


I guess. I did cut it from 3589 to 3224. So 224 words to go.


Too much of a hassle for me, I’m afraid. I’m a Web 1.0 kind of guy!


More short stories. More notes for games. That and making some quills. I’ve got a batch of peacock wing feathers that have been drying for six months now. I just need to strip them and shape them.