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That’s not too bad. Hope it’s easy enough.


That sounds interesting! Why are you making quills?


Still working on the Open Novella Contest- I have it all planned out now, and halfway written, which is good!! I’m also considering entering that Prose to Poetry contest thing, but I don’t usually write love stories. It’d be good for me to at least give it a try, though, can’t get better at something unless you start.


Lots and lots of writing. It was a bit fast there for a while then it kinda petered out but I’m building my habits slowly.


One of the inks I use with my calligraphy is iron gall ink. It’s a traditional ink that has been used for many centuries. It has the property that it is light-fast and darkens as it dries. However, this is because it is highly acidic. It eats through steel nibs like nobody’s business! However, it cures feather quills, making them better with age and use.

It’s also fun to do calligraphy using traditional monastic techniques - slope, quill, rule and steel pencil. For colours I use gouache. I also do more modern calligraphy, so I have plenty of steel nob dip pens for that.


Hi there! Yeah, I absolutely agree. At the moment, it’s just a great experience for me, and I’m having fun. Which prompt did you use?

I’m think 20k winners get a personalized review. Not sure about others.


Still working on ONC. I’m having fun, and it feels good writing everyday. I think I’m slowly getting back on track. Maybe a change of pace and scenery is what I needed.


General Fiction/Prompt 3 - Strange Beasts [Children’s]
I’m finding it challenging to work out the pacing just now, in the second stage of another 6,000+ words.
And then I think of another 12,000+ and I really get wobbly.
Which prompt are you working on?
Similar probs?
‘Break a pencil’!


I hope so too.
You have any tips on how to do it?


Plotting for my novel length WIP.

Having sketched out 90% of the plot I’m now pretty sure my end word count is going to be in the ‘Dune’ range, somewhere north of 150k. At my current writing speed it’ll take 3 years to finish. :open_mouth:

I’m considering serialising it somewhere like Patreon, but I don’t know anyone who uses that platform and the reviews I’ve seen have not been favourable so far.


Patreon works best if you already have a following. Don’t expect to get one there. I know people who have been moderately successful on Patreon - and by that I mean earned enough money to get professional services for their books.


Thanks for the info.


Not really, I’m afraid. Looking for unnecessary description, see what you can rephrase. It just takes time and practice. Best of luck!


Discussion Topic

On the subject of writing challenges, what is the most unusual challenge, writing, or otherwise, you’ve undertaken?

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That’s a very interesting thing to know, thanks!


Me too! Glad we’re both getting back into it.


What’s that? Sounds interesting.


Probably challenging myself to write up the backstories of all my characters in narrative format. I have done about 5 of them out of 80 lol


Hmmm, well I think it’s the research. I have gone down rabbit holes trying to find the exact thing I need, very time consuming XD. I think the longest was two hours for figuring out the salary of a British government worker and then another hour house hunting


This is interesting. (^^) (^^)