Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



I guess I will. Atleast it will mean I have a completed work. :grin:


It also makes it really easy to prototype ideas and use ideas that don’t work in novels.


You’re welcome. (^^)(^^) I don’t write them yet but I am planning some. It’s something I’ve been interested in lately.


Good to hear!

If you have any questions, I’m sure folk here would be happy to try to help! Feel free to PM me if it’s easier, too.


Weekly Check-In

How’s writing been this week?

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Not brilliantly, but I’ve done some bits and pieces. I’ve been trying give the open novella contest a go, and though I think I’ll be able to make the 8K word deadline in time, I’m not so sure about the 20K one. One of my family members has had a health emergency, which has made writing these past couple of weeks a bit difficult. How has your writing week gone?

Also, is anyone doing the poetry into prose short story contest thing? It looks interesting, and though I’m not sure I have time to do it I’m interested to see what people create.


Almost nonexistent. Thanks work, for robbing me of what few scraps of nspiration came my way.

Grumble, grumble, rude words, grumble.

On the plus side, lots of notes in my journal, but it’s not the same as actually writing.


Slow, but steady. I’m trying to get back into the habit of updating weekly instead of whenever. It’s taking a while to get through things since I have a ton of stuff I need to write in the first place, but yeah. Going pretty well.


News re the reading list

I’ve been able to use my laptop again and so I’ve made a book containing the list of shorts written for each prompt. Since I can’t share a link, I’ve tagged you all in it. Anyone with a story for either prompt, send me the title and a brief summary and I’ll add it in.

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Not sure I’m a fan of the word counts being time-limited. Word count overall is ok, but it seems restrictive to tell people how much to write and when. Good luck, though!

I hope everything is ok.

Pretty well, I think. I don’t think I’ve done any more than other weeks, but I finished a couple of things so I feel better about it :sweat_smile:

I think @music_ally mentioned it? I also fancy the idea of it but don’t have the time.


Sounds familiar :sweat_smile:

Is it a daily life journal?


Silly question, what’s the max word count before it stops being a short story? It seems like different places have different ideas.

I might try doubling down and trying a Comic Script again after a while.


Sounds good! It’s good to be consistent, in writing and posting, makes fitting it into life easier and it feels good, at least, in my opinion.


It varies depending on who you ask, but Wattpad classes it as 25k or less. Think it depends whether you class things like novellas as a subset or short stories or something else entirely.


The specific one I have in mind, it would be like what I used to do (two 10,000 word stories: one set during their early teen years, the other set during their college years), but also with some pages (not all) being written in sequential art format.

Light Novels in general (see Japanese Young Adult fiction) seem to blue the distinction sometimes in general.

So the end result is something closer to 15,000 words once adapted.


Sounds like you could class it as Short Story if you wanted, but at that length, I don’t think anyone would call you out if you wanted to put it under a specific genre.




It was a present from my late wife - a leather-bound, refillable. I take it with me wherever I go, and use it to jot down things as they occur to me, no matte what. I also sometimes put in mementos of things I’ve done. Then, once a year, I replace the contents with a fresh set of pages.


Your wife sounds amazingly awesome!


Not sure I’m a fan either. Increasingly leaning towards not as I struggle to keep up, in fact. :smiley: But I also find that deadlines can sometimes push me to get going when I would otherwise have procrastinated, so it’s a mixed bag.

Everything is looking up at the moment. :slight_smile:

Congrats on finishing things! That is always an achievement.