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For me, writing this week has been slow because of school but I wrote around four chapters in total. How about you?


She was.


Writing’s been alright this week- I’ve just continued working on the open novella project, editing chapters ready to be posted. I’ve got enough words for the 8k deadline already, I just need to edit them. Hoping to get the whole thing typed or at least written down on paper by the end of the month. March is going to be a busy month for me, so I want to try and get as much done as I can in advance.

Having defined deadlines to stick to has stopped me from getting totally distracted so far, though! I’m grateful for that.


Weekly Discussion Topic

What’s one writing technique you think you do better than most writers? What are your tips to do this better?

Yet another plea for more suggestions in the google doc otherwise we’ll run out soon. Alternatively, suggestions on what to replace this weekly segment with after we run out.

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Sounds like a lovely idea.


If you miss one deadline are you able to catch up and make the next one or are you just eliminated?

Glad to hear it!



Four chapters sounds like a lot to me! At least you’re still finding time around school.

I’m mostly just chipping away at several different shorts. Finished a couple of things this week, which feels good.


Sounds good! Good luck!

That’s exactly my plan too.


Not great. I only had one day to do my own thing. I was judging The Golden Awards and doing Book Club assignments the rest of the week. I was also beta testing a new platform for writers and poets on Android, which took up way more of my time than I was expecting. :tired_face:

That’s all out of the way now though, so hopefully I can crack on a bit with my WIP.


I don’t know if I actually do it better, but I’ve been told that my imagery and descriptions are really good. I think it’s because I’m such a visual person, it’s easy for me to describe things and picture them.


I feel like I write dialog pretty well. I have always been praised on my dialog though I am not sure what makes it better. My advice would be imagining ‘would someone actually say this?’ when writing dialog. Also sometimes adding verbal tics can help make it more realistic.


Writing has been slow but I am planning to trying to work on something or other every day. Lord knows I have enough projects going to do that.


It always sucks when commitments like that take up so much time!


Hahahahaha-ha! I can give tips about plenty of things, but I would never claim to be that good! Maybe it’s Impostor Syndrome vs the Dunning-Kruger effect, but it just feels wrong to make claims like that - especially for something so subjective as writing.


What’s one writing technique you think you do better than most writers? What are your tips to do this better?

I’m not sure if I’d call it better, just different. I use certain techniques to denote things that would not have a good translation in other mediums, therefore making them difficult to adapt to screenplays and comics:

Double quotes are used to denote dialogue, then single quotes are used to denote sub-dialogue where someone is recounting a thing someone else has said, without outright cutting to a completely different scene like a flash back.

I also have to tweak the plot structure every time I write a new story, so eventually I just gave up plotting altogether.

Such as, the plot structure for my specific tales, where there is a brief flash forward, and everything else in the story has happened before that led up to the tragedy, and exploring some other characters caught in the cross hairs. Before ending with a message or theme to tie it all together, that attempts to not be heavy handed about it.

It’s a three-act structure, for sure, but not a Hollywood 3-act.


It’s the only way to get engagement on sites like Wattpad. You can’t sit back and expect the world to come to you.


Thank you. :grin:


That’s true, but if you’re doing so much that you don’t have time to write, I’d argue it defeats the point.


That’s fair.


I’ve always argued that plotting structures shouldn’t be set in stone. Everyone’s story is different, and they need a little flex to account for that.