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If I had an ego, then writing destroyed it a long time ago. I’ve worked on both sides of the editorial divide and I know why things are done that way. It doesn’t make it any easier, but at least I know.


There are only so many stories to tell. It’s how we decide to tell them.


The 500 word weekend-write-in prompt for Feb 15 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


You had me worried Paul. I had to go to bed on Friday night not knowing what the prompt was! Usually you are a little earlier and it I see it in Aussie time the same day. Phew! I can now start thinking- slow thinker, remember:roll_eyes:


I was about to post it last night (UK) and got distracted. Today I woke up and didn’t think about it all day until Tom reminded me. I need a secretary!


Or a calendar.


I had so much fun writing this one 500 words ended up being closer to 1000, and I probably could have kept going.


Whatever works is always good. It’s not like anybody’s counting, though.


Weekly Check-In

How has your writing gone this week?
Is anyone considering taking part in the Ooorah SmackDown?

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Not bad. I’ve been writing almost every day, so that’s good. I’m halfway to my word count for Round 2 of ONC. Wish me luck! xD

What’s that?


A bit meh. I’ve realised that the chapter I’ve just written for my WIP has a continuity error right at the start that has rippled all the way through the chapter. Cue massive re-write. :persevere:

Probably not. I’m not always inspired by a prompt. I don’t do every prompt for the weekend write-in because sometimes I draw a complete blank. Running a gauntlet of prompts would be a bad idea.


I have no idea what the Oorah smack down is, but my writing has gone well this week! I’ve got my chapters for the next round of the ONC edited (mostly) and then I’ve got to start editing the next set, I guess! It looks like I’m going to be getting a bit of promotion for it, as well.

I’m having some POV troubles, though, as up to this point, I’ve been doing two stories in alternating POV. but the characters are now in the same place and part of the same events, so it’s a bit of a change in feel. At least I don’t need to sort it out until the deadline after this one!


I wrote almost all of my first chapter in one character’s POV. Now, like you say more of my main characters are appearing and POV will switch more often. It’s proving to be a bit of a struggle right now.

My favourite SF author is Jack McDevitt and he frequently uses 5 or 6 characters to tell his stories. I don’t know how he does it.


It was non existent.
Exams are 2 weeks away, so no writing for me.


Pretty good. Almost done with my screenplay


That’s great!

Details in the link. It’s a writing competition.


That’s a shame, but at least you noticed it before it carried too far.

Fair enough! I always manage to find a way, somehow. Though admittedly I only enter things like this in my main genres, which probably helps.


Details in the link if you’re interested in finding out more.

Sounds great!

That’s understandable. Are you going to continue alternating or just go with whichever pov makes most sense for the chapter?


Good luck with your exams!


That’s great!