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Never even heard of it.

As for the writing - it’s actually gone quite well this week. Two short pieces written this week, which is a 100% improvement on last week. Although as this week is my irl writing group’s AGM, I’m not holding out much hope of improvement over this week. Still, we shall see.

On a totally non-related note - I won a solo game of Terraforming Mars this morning. That was a slog. I only managed it because I had enough cash on the last turn to divert 4 asteroids into Mars and raise the temperature to the needed value.


I get really annoyed when someone says that writing a short story is easier than writing a novel.

Buy a tiny canvas. You can find the really small ones at Walmart or your local equivalent. On it, paint a cottage by the lake. Make the cottage as detailed as possible, include grass swaying in the wind, and a boat on the water.

A very skilled artist did just that on one of those tiny canvasses. And that’s how difficult writing a short story can be.


Thank you


A bit slow this week, and I got behind slightly, but I got it all in there.

I also had another idea for a fantasy novel…

I need to stop having ideas until I finished something sigh


There doesn’t seem to be a lot of screenplays on Wattpad, unless I’m looking in the wrong place. I always seem to be impressed by screenplays.


Well, I liked the alternating pattern- and I feel like breaking that pattern now might feel a little sloppy… so I think I’m just going to play around with the next section and split it up into chapters in a way that flows well in the right POVs. It’ll involve a fair bit of rewriting, but I’ll try to make it work.

I checked out the oorah smackdown link, and that sounds pretty good! I might give it a try, seeing as it’s supposed to start after the ONC finishes!


It’s a specialist area. And the WattPad formatting is just not up to doing the standard script formats.


That’s great, I’ll tell you when I post it.


That’s great! Good luck trying to do things this week.


Yeah, it’s hard. Do you make notes so you can come back to those ideas?


That makes sense. If the two characters are together then it might not be as obvious that the pattern is broken. Experimenting to see what you like best is probably a good plan.

Yeah, I’m intrigued by it too


Weekly Discussion Topic

What’s the hardest part of writing a short story? What’s the easiest?

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Writing has been slow this week again, and it might continue to be slow because I just got a new job and am not sure yet how to balance work and life.


Yeah :blush:

I just looked it up. Sounds interesting. But, not sure if I’ll participate. I’ve never written Sci-Fi. Uh… we’ll see. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. :man_shrugging:


I think it’d be to create a connection between the characters and readers since you don’t have a whole lot of chapters to build a gradual connection. Either they like the character(s) or don’t.

Also, short story is basically a message in a bottle, right? How well the message gets conveyed is tricky, at least to me.

Writing. I think you don’t need a thorough knowledge of the world, the specific details, worry about plot holes like you do for novels. It’s just a short tale, with a small message. Also, you get your happy though most of my stories end sad xD ending within short time!


I make covers and mental notes. Also pinterest boards :sweat_smile:


Picking and choosing what’s important and when and how to say it so that you keep it short without losing the story.


The easiest part is coming up with an idea. The hardest part is getting the damn thing down on paper!


Although sometimes, especially if I’m responding to a prompt, I find it’s the other way round.


If I can’t come up with an idea in response to a prompt in an hour, it’s a bad day for me.

Sorting the damn thing out into something that’s worth reading … ?