Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



New here! I’d like to join this club :slight_smile:
Please tag me when things happen.


Well-ll-ll… there has been writing - a chapter here, a flash-non-fiction there - and my usual delightful time finding a pic and a name for that one.
And then there were a load of laughs creating a nonsense set of Life ‘tips’ using 6 random prompt words that were all names of clothing from around the world [as if the 6-worder weren’t challenging enough already!]
Apart from that, a LOT of research for a couple of upcoming chapters of my main WIP.


It’s gone alright- I’ve been busy with work, but managed to get some writing in anyway. Posted another four chapters of my ONC entry, getting it over the word limit for the next round, and entered in flashfic-9-1-18’s picture prompt competition. I’m hoping that some of the people who read those entries will come over and read the other stories on my profile, but that doesn’t seem to be happening just yet.

This next week should be a much better week for writing, I’ll have a lot more time for it.


That’s very productive! Hope the injury is better soon.


I agree with John. It’s frustrating to be writing less, but at least you’re moving.



What kind of short stories do you like?


Sounds good!


Sounds like a nice mix!


This happens less than you think, unfortunately. Sometimes people will jump to something new on your profile when they’re up to date with the current story they’re on. I assume you’ve mentioned in author’s note or whatever that the other books exist?


Weekly Discussion Topic

It can be hard to set the scene in a few words, how do you deal with this in short stories?

Note: still looking for more discussion topics. We’ve only got one left. If no one can add anymore or suggest an alternative group task I guess we’re stopping this section?
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They’re posted on the contest’s book on that profile, so I don’t feel quite right doing an authors note there- I’ll post them on my own profile as well, that might help.


More discussion topics??
How about suggestions for - self-editing and/or pros and cons of editing programs available

  • where to find freebie pics for covers
  • first-hand experience with self-publishing/what to avoid OR look for.
    Ask members what they’d like to see/learn more about??
    I’m sure they don’t want to see this community shrivel and die??


Suggestion: perhaps you could ask weekly character development questions? I’m sure there’s oodles of lists of those online


I like reading all genre’s a short stories, but I seem to only write ones with creepy twists.


Deep Heat is a wonderful thing …


Just use a few key words and work the description into the text. Then let the readers’ imaginations do all the heavy lifting work.

It’s a trick I picked up when running RPGs at conventions. Only give the player the bare information, and then build on it only as necessary. It is surprising how much you can get across with the right words.


You say that, but you’re the first one to respond out of the several times I’ve asked. There’s only so much I can do.

Plus this

is exactly what I have been doing.


There’s a lot on Tumblr, I think. I’ll see what I can find.


I mostly lurk around the forums so this is odd that I’m jumping in. What kind of short stories does everyone write? I’ve been on a science fiction kick myself but I rarely have time to write anything. Work keeps me busy during the day and in the afternoons four kids (ranging from 2 to 16) keep the rest of my time occupied. Only time I get to write is on the weekends or little bursts at work. My kids like the stories I write so I posted a couple of them. The rest are on my hard drive. Does everyone publish everything they write on here or do you hold back some?


I’ll see if I can come up with any discussion questions. :slight_smile: