Let's build ourselves a Short Story community!



Welcome, then!

I’m a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, though sometimes I’ll dip my toes into something different.

I hold a lot back, but there’s still plenty I’ve posted.


Much appreciated


Pretty good. Posted all the new chapters for my ONC entry and submitted the form. I’ve written more in this week than I’ve in a while, so that’s good to me. :blush:




As example, I do light novels now: As much as I try to set up a Harem relationship, I just can’t do it: something almost always goes awry:

  1. One of the lovers dies from an accident.
  2. One of the lovers is on the run from a government out of control.
  3. One of the lovers bodies completely degrades from drug and game addiction being intertwined.
  4. Those who remain have a troubled start, based on precedents set before.

So it makes the entire structure completely different, and not really a love story. So much as a story about rebuilding trusts and alliegences.

Also any topic questions I missed?


I can’t always promise I can participate (weekends in particular are off-limits for author stuff - they reserved in full for my wife and for my two young boys), but I’d love to hear about new stuff and happenings, even if I often can’t get in on the fun!


I tend to write historical and literary fiction myself, but I love reading all kinds of different genres. I am particularly fond of Ambrose Bierce. He has a way of describing the macabre in a matter-of-fact way that I wish I could master.


The weekly flash sounds fun. I used to be a newspaper reporter, so “something short on short notice” is kind of in my wheelhouse.


I love sci-fi stories, but I am not particularly adept at getting my ideas onto the page. I end up writing historical fiction a lot as I am an unabashed addict of Wikipedia.

I try to spread the wealth in terms of publishing. Some are here, some are on my personal site and others are available through KU (or for purchase) on Amazon. I also have a healthy backlog of finished stories that I’m not sure what I’m doing with.

I’ll probably try to build out my library on here more, but I haven’t been very successful at reads or votes thus far, so I’m a little discouraged by the prospects of using this platform for audience-building.


I mostly lurk too, but that’s because I joined less than a month ago and am still trying to figure everything out. All of my short story/flash fiction attempts end up having a creepy twist or message, but I’ve posted only one of those so far. Working on editing another one that I want to upload right now and just started writing a new one today.


Same. Still a nice platform to read and talk to others though.


It seems to be more a matter of luck than of hard work. Followers do not necessarily translate into anything useful.


Started off going great guns but missed the last two days due to life happening. :tired_face:

Back in the saddle today.


With stories set in the real world I found the best way was to assume the reader would know the setting as well as me. So with the London crime story I wrote I avoided explaining anything for a non-English audience, or even an English audience not familiar with London.

For the adult erotica I wrote I kept the settings domestic - 2 houses and a motel room - and concentrated on the characters relationship, so I barely had to do any scene setting at all.

Finally, for the scifi piece I wrote for the weekend write in, I avoided scene setting completely, and wrote the story as if it were a letter from a father to his son. It was up to the reader to figure out where the boy was from the couple of clues in the text, and build their own version of what that would look like.


It’s a good feeling :blush: Which prompt did you choose?


Yeah, I get the feeling this platform is more about organic feedback on first drafts and ideas than getting “fans” that might go to Amazon and buy something. I’m ok with that, every piece of exposure fits in somewhere.


I did the faceless creatures prompt and I’m having a lot of fun with it :slight_smile:


Ooh nice! I took prompt #6 from Thrilling Fiction. I’m having fun with it as well. :slight_smile:


Well it is turning all of my novellas over the past ten years are part of a larger saga I’m working on, so I’m struggling to get some rewrites done.

In summary, humanity evolved from a Cyberpunk culture, but eventually split between those who colonized other planets, and those who scaled back their technology, back to the middle ages.

Left behind are the old Super Computers that have achieved sentience.


Same! I originally entered the contest to force myself to finish a full-length work for a change. I have more than ten one-shots, but can’t ever seem to finish a novel. So I thought that perhaps a novella would do :grimacing: . It’s kind of working, but I still find myself writing several thousand words hours before the deadline :joy: My procrastination really does have a will of its own!