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Does anyone make their own covers/general graphics? If so, where do you get your images/fonts/etc.? What do you use to make them?

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It’s easier for me to carve words out of a story than it is for me to pad one. Not quite ‘less is more’, but it’s something close to that.


I take public-domain images, clip them and put titles over them. My artistic abilities beyond my calligraphy are absolutely non-existent, so I only have the most basic of graphic manipulation tools. My limit is stick figures, and you can only do so much with those. Buying expensive drawing software or anything like that would be absolutely worthless to me.

I have a good collection of fonts, though. But I don’t use them much. Most of them are not easy to read. Quirky may be alright for some people, but I prefer to use simple, legible fonts.

I know I could spend some money and buy some covers, but - again - it’s not worth it to me. Besides, a lot of the pre-made covers remind me of an occasional column in the ‘Books and Bookmen’ section in Private Eye. They put up covers from the same genre of book and invite readers to tell the difference - usually without success.


I get images from pexels.com and use canva to make the cover. Not very good, but I’m getting better at it!


I used Book Cover Zone to make the one for The Regulator. They make pre-made covers that you can buy and edit yourself using their editor.

For the others I used Canva to build the design and just located the images using Pinterest. I do my best to find images that are royalty free or under a creative commons licence but sometimes it’s not possible if the artist or source aren’t listed.


Hey there everyone, I use Canva. I try to use a large font size typically on an easy to read typeface. Some people claim you need an outstanding cover. That would be nice, yet I strive to make the title legible on a thumbnail image.


That’s true it seems. I dunno why I needed a break yesterday but I did


I tried to but they ended up terrible. All of them but one are now made by someone else


Never heard of Canva. What is it?


I stumbled across it, thought it was pretty great, and then it seemed everyone my spouse knew was already using it.

I’m not in front of my PC so I can’t check, but I bet it is at “canva.com” It’s free so there are probably cookies tracking you. Still, it comes with a lot of templates and it’s quite intuitive.


I make my own, I’m lucky enough to have access to Photoshop. Pexels is a great source for art. Fonts are free all over the place too.

I know quite a few people that use Canva. There are free and paid levels for using it, I’ve never personally tried it. I’m too heavily invested into learning Photoshop to turn my back on it now.


Probably. Or Google might be my friend.


Yes, I love making my own graphics! I use PicsArt for most of mine, the photos coming from there or UnSplash. My fonts are usually from Dafont.


(pardon my intrusion :blush:)

Erm, I do my own graphics. I use BeFunky for simple ones, Photopea (online Photoshop) for simple but a bit trickier graphics, then Photoshop for ones that require massive manipulation. I usually toggle between BeFunky and Photopea.

I usually got stock images from Unsplash.com (an amazing site, lemme tell you). Fonts are from DaFont or I customized them myself.


Canva for covers, FlamingText for font.


I do. I use canvas for that. Normally you will get both images and template there itself.


Well done music-ally. What a thrill and happy boost for your writing ego.


We’re waiting for Round 2 results. The writing’s been alright, not as productive as last weeks 'cause life got in the way. Hopefully can pick up the pace soon. xD


thank you! the little community on that page is really good, too- they’re having another contest this month if anyone wants to check it out.