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How much is there of you in your favourite character?

Think I finally caught up on messages :sweat_smile:

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True. I do know Midterms was last week and the ending is getting near.

I enjoy sci-fi it’s my primary genre but I’ve never combined it with fantasy and the story idea was fantasy-esque


Should be interesting for you then!


I’m trying to. But it’s not working out the way I thought it would. With any luck I’ll be able to bring it to a conclusion or, at the very least, write it into dormancy so I can get on with something else.


Too much for comfort.


In the current one, René… much. Some bits about his University experiences are practically autobiographical, even though he’s a 19th century French man and I’m very much not. Also some of his ASD traits are mine, just exaggerated.


I think the idea of “some traits exaggerated” is a pretty common and good way to write characters. It makes them interesting but not too far away from reality.


Actually, I read a book the other day that made me realize: I don’t think I’d ever read a story where the mc was like me, at least nowhere near as much like me as Cress was. (the book, obviously, was Cress). I fell in love with her character.

Absolutely none of my characters remind me of myself in any significant way.

Fave character, tho? (of mine, but she’s also all time so). For sure Juliet Hamilton. And she is basically the exact opposite of me. :joy:


I couldn’t get on for a few days too…

Writing was good for me. I finished the short story I blanked on last week and will post the first chapter this Friday. Never written in a high school setting with romance before because it isn’t my cup of tea. Needless to say, it was a stretch for me as a writer.

What genres have you all experimented with and would you classify your stories as successful?


I’m pretty shy like my MC and have anxiety like her, but other than that I don’t think there’s too much similarity between us. Thank god, the poor woman’s a victim of torture, utterly terrified of people, and her anxiety’s significantly worse than mine is.


Gosh, probably half XD A mix of me and who I would want to be is a better answer


Well-ll, let’s put it this way. The story within the story I’m writing was written by a character called Granny, and one of her characters is called Gran - and I’m a Gran. Hmm…


I saw this and thought I’d reply. The first story I posted to Wattpad had a bold MC, someone like Queen Latifah (American rapper / actress). I’m nothing like her though. I have continued that character in sequels with minor changes. My other WIP has a MC with a doormat personality. Still, she’s a prodigy in a Steampunk setting. If I’m honest, I’m closer to the latter character :confused:


Thank you! I’ll need it!

Nah, I’m just anxious about finishing the book at 20k. :grimacing:


If you’re talking about books I’ve read, then I relate to a lot of fictional characters. Maybe not on 100% level, but Neville Longbottom is close enough and is one of the characters I relate to on deep level.

Now, if you’re talking about the characters I’ve created, then… I’m not sure. Well, there might be some traits but I haven’t based any character off of my personality. That I’m consciously aware of, anyway.


Just heard the results of the ONC second stage should be published today.
And just now I finished more than the required final 12,000 words, taking it up to over 20,000 in total. Phew! I’m exhausted.
I know many find this length a piece of cake - but it’s tough when you’re a ‘flasher’ and ‘shortie’ story writer. AND when it has all had to be made contest-worthy in the < three months’ time frame.
But it’s done… to the best of my current ability. And that is damn, fine, splendid by me!
Now, whatever happens, this story WILL go ahead with all the tweaks and edits I deem necessary - over a nice stretch of time - and AFTER a goodly break from it all.


I just hit 20,000 words (or I will on my next update) and im not done yet…


We did it, Sarah! Can hardly breathe for disbelief!
And I too hit the 20,000 o/night and still have several chapters to go.

And the luxury of time now… aaahh!


Yay!!! Did you name the Round 2 Qualifiers???

I’m gonna hit 20,000 officially when I update Friday. I still technically have maybe like 4-5 chapters left tho :sweat_smile:

I did just write the final chapter for my other book. I’m shaking, honestly. Just the epilogue to go.


No, not named, Sarah - here’s the list and you’ll see why -
but I have left congratulations where I recognised usernames.