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Awww, well I’m sure your story was still amazing :slight_smile:


Sorry, misunderstanding. I AM through the second stage.
Thought you were asking if I named ALL the qualifiers - and so I put the link so you could see how long the list is.


Ohhhh, sorry, I should’ve been more specific. Congratulations!


The 500 word weekend-write-in prompt for Mar 15 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


Weekly Check-In

How’s writing been this week?
Congratulations to anyone through to the next round of ONC!
Is anyone planning on participating in Camp NaNo (set your own writing goal version of Nano) in April?
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Slow, but I finally finished episode 2, so moving onto episode 3! Other than that, I haven’t gotten to catch up on some other writing.

Hmmm, I don’t know. I’ve never done it before, so that could be interesting


Sounds good!

I enjoyed it, partly because I knew there was a chance I COULD win which motivated me, unlike NaNo, where I know that I never will. There’s also “cabins” where you support a group of other people as you all try to reach your goals.


Oh, that does sound nice. Do you know how I would sign up?


Quite good, actually. I managed to get a number of short pieces written this week. Alright, I wasn’t exactly enamoured of what I came up with, but - hey! I wrote!

No thank you. My late wife used to do NaNo and Camp NaNo. I used to do domestic support for the months of April and November, and keep myself away from the madness of it all. Somebody had to keep the house running! Besides, I have no ambitions to write a novel - and possibly no ability, given I’m a dedicated short story writer.


Think it’s just here? http://campnanowrimo.org/sign_in

Can’t remember if you can find people for groups on there (I joined because some writers I knew invited me into their group so I never really investigated it) but if there’s not a quick post of Wattpad will definitely find you some people


Always a good start!

To be honest, I’ve always taken Camp Nano to be a “work on whatever you want event” because you can choose your own word count. Maybe that means I cheated working on short stories before. I’m not sure I really care. But yes, all of these things are very time and energy intensive, which is why I haven’t done them the last few years.


Nope. that’s not cheating. Not during Camp NaNo anyway. That’s being a NaNo rebel!

I always used to read a book for NaNo. Usually one of the classics, just to improve my mind. The year my wife died, I ended up writing 30 short stories - one for each day in November in her memory - but still had nothing to do with NaNo itself.


Once again writing’s been slow. I am finding it hard to balance work and life.


I want to! But I had a few questions first and nonfictionism hasn’t responded yet. :confused: That was about five days ago. I hope they get around to it in time, because I do want to participate!


It does that, doesn’t it.


I got through to the next round of the ONC, so I’m pretty happy about that- now it’s just being able to finish it by April 2nd… hopefully it won’t be too much of a rush.


Yeah, it really does. I am trying my best to make it work though


It’s just a matter of finding the time. Even five minutes working on a story can make the difference.


I suppose that’s true. Haven’t really thought of that since I always feel like I need an hour or something to get anything done


Stopping in the middle of a paragraph also helps. Nothing like a cliffhanger to keep the idea fresh in the mind.