Let's chat, I need friends.

Honestly, at this point, my 11 y/o sister has a better social life than me and it’s concerning. So I need some friends.

What’s up?

What’s y’all favourite movie? Book? I don’t know.

Hello, my personal favorite book is 1984. How about you?

Oh, I just started 1984. It is so good so far! I love classics.

My favourite author is Rainbow Rowell, I love any book by her. But my favourite is Carry On.

Oh, you must be a fan of romance. I hear her books have a lot of it in them.

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Yes and no. It depends on how much romance is in it. That’s why I like Carry On the best, it’s mainly fantasy with a hint of romance which makes it even better. But yes Rainbow Rowell writes a lot of romance. Eleanor and Park was my favourite in that case.

Yeah, I can relate. I sometimes feel like romantic subplots can just drag a whole storyline down unless done properly, or if the genre is primarily romance.

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Agreed. You write any stories?

Yep, working on a sci-fi novel. How about you?

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I’m writing both a sci-fi and a teen fiction. But the teen fiction story has more of my attention at the moment. What’s your story about?

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Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it is about. The plot has run far away from any sense of reason. How about you?

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I love that.

The sci-fi is a little complicated to explain. I tried explaining it to one of my friends and ended up spoiling it.

Here’s the teen fiction’s synopsis:

Lennon Monroe, named after one of the biggest music legends to have ever existed; hates the universe. After her father left her to go on tour with his band, and her mom’s passing, she had the right to hate the universe. All she ever wanted to do was go to art school, fulfill her mom’s wishes and go to art school. But old wounds open up, feelings come into the light and Lennon realizes… The universe is never that nice.

What’s the title of your story?

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Nice synopsis and my book is titled “One Minute To Midnight” how about yours?


The sci-fi one is unnamed at the moment. I just finished the planning stage. The teen fiction is called Remix.

What book are you currently reading at the moment?

Currently I’m not reading anything, just trying to rescue my plot from the abyss and when I’m not doing that, I just play games. How about you?

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I’m not reading either. I just finished rereading Carry On for like the hundredth time. My sister thinks I have an obsession. I’m focusing on writing at the moment, and trying not to lose motivation.

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I feel you, many people I’m friends with have just given up on writing altogether. I almost joined them too.

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Your sister sounds nice, I got a brother and all he does is make Jojos refrences all day.

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Hahaha. She’s the opposite of nice. We always get into arguments. She’s also the biggest tattletale. Is your brother younger or older?