Let's chat!

Hello everyone! :smiley:
I’m bored so yee-

Heyo~ :upside_down_face:

Hello :smiley:

Where are those yandere x reader stories you’re talking about? lol

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All over the place, I read a lot of them… So, how are you?

Oh no… I better stay away from them…

And I’m good! Just lurking here before going to get some sleeps.


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Decent thank you! ^^
Hope you sleep well when you end up going to sleep

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I’m kinda dead, but not sleepy. I’ve been editing a new chapter for my story and that took a lot of time Dx

Laughs in taking a break from writing
Yeah, editing can be time consuming.

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How dare you taking a break? Dx

lol, well, if I stop writing, I know what will happen… it’ll take me weeks to come back

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Laughs in to many ideas
I apologize, I don’t really know how to reply.

Oh dang, how big is that library?

Hello! :smiley:

Hundreds, possibly more maybe.

I feel you. Sometimes, when somebody adds my story to their reading list, I just like to have a look at it and see where I’m at - and damn, having to scroll through hundreds of other stories just make my eyes hurt. xD

Laughs in spanish

It’s oki


So you pretty happy with the edits you made to your story?

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How’s the spring cleaning going rn?

Always, I gotta be…

And, why is your library so goddamn big? :open_mouth: