Let's Create a Story together.(Game)


Let’s make a story together each person writes 5 words (only 5 per post) and then the next follows by adding five of their own, you cant write consecutively so have to wait for 1 post after yours so we can take the story anywhere but it has to make sense so make sure your five words help to keep it going ill start

Alba looked out the window


The cool breeze calmed her


It had been a week


Yet nothing seemed to help


Why did she have to


Make that frustratingly horrible decision


that had totally changed her


And ruined everything for her


Far away in the distance


A witch cackled with mirth


"You might be wondering how


She lost everything till now


Everything has a beginning for


endings don’t exist for her

(I’m sorry if I’m making the story get more confusing with every reply :sob::sweat_smile:)


(No no it’s fine. I used to play this game with my sister so it’s fine)
There are events that could


Destroy her completely if only


There was a way to


Lead her away from home


Only then she would find


The truth about her past