Let's get GROSS! A Gore Competition

Alright folks. This is a competition.
You’ve got three–and only three–sentences to write the most horrifying, gore-soaked scene you can possibly imagine. Run-on sentences are fine, but try not to go overboard. We all have to be able to read it.

Be sure to start by rating the scene posted above yours on a scale of 1 to 10.

When the screaming finally stopped, he creeped cautiously down the cellar steps and the beam of his flashlight fell across a dozen deep gouges in the banister’s surface, each one dug deep by desperate fingernails. Pulling his elbows in close to his ribcage to fend off the chill, he finally found their disassembled bodies in the center of the cellar’s cement floor. The same as before, each victim was unrecognizable above the waist, their torsos beaten and shredded into a red pulp of smattered hair and torn clothing, while little fragments of bone sat like isolated white islands in a sea of red.


I would rate it 6 out of 10. It is written well but still it could’ve been better.

The scene had been sealed, civilians were advised not to interfere with the investigation of a recent dead body found in a motel. The naked body lying on the bed was cut from the top of the chest right down to the crotch of a twenty-something male whose face had been cut open too, making it impossible to recognize it. The heart was cut out with precision & intestines were placed around the body as if to frame it & white gluey fluids were all over the body; the floor was all soaked in body fluids & right across the dead body on a table was a heart in parts & beside it were stains of puke on the floor.

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I’d give it an 8/10. It was good but could be better.

The woman let out an ear piercing scream as she gaped at her round belly in horror. A bulge began to rise near the bellybutton, stretching the skin out until the flesh started opening up and blood oozed out from the wound. The long leg of a huge bug wiggled out, covered in blood and ripping more of the flesh open to make room for the rest of its body.


Not sure if I’d participate, I don’t like gore for its own sake. I like certain gory things for the lust factor.

8/10 I’m more than happy!
Your writing did make me shudder. I would have liked your writing better if you could have avoid that generic phrase

an ear piercing scream

:sweat_smile: I would rate this a 7.5

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You were to write in only 3 sentences tho.

Here I’ll save the effort.

That’s a 10 for me. I hate bugs and parasites…errrgh

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Yeah, I have a bad habit of using generic phrases like that, gotta get rid of it.

Same. They’re the worst. That’s why I used one, lol. Can’t think or anything more disgusting.

A mournful anal belch preceded the elimination, an almost apologetic herald to what happened next. Then his innards poured forth, resplendent earth colours streaked with red and mucous; a raucous, glistening evacuation that stank of ordure and death. Now he did look like that Oryx – like a great black bullock giving birth to its own ruined bowels.

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Since RR didn’t post a scene I’ll just post without doing a second rating.

Tan Khia Tang awoke on the floor of the house belonging to Doctor Stolypina, where the two of them had taken refuge from the Gendarmerie the previous night. He looked around carefully, and noticed that the house - walls, furniture, floor, cieling - was entirely composed of dried gall bladders. He turned to Stolypina, who was patiently keeping watch and was smiling widely, as if to say, this place is as aesthetic as fuck.

The sentences above weren’t as gory as I usually like, sorry, so I’ll rate it a five out of ten.

Shreds of tissue are torn from her body as the knife rips through her stomach, her intestines flying across the room and splattering on the wall. The blood that gushes from the deep wound covers the floor in a thick, slimy red carpet. It’s smooth and shiny between my toes as I stand there, admiring my work, her dying moans slowly fading into silence.

6/10 mainly because I feel there’s some info missing. I mean, sure, they’re ripping into her stomach, but all of her intestines came out that easily to fly across the room with one slash? Or maybe I’m misreading something…

This is actually from one of my books, not off the top of my head, hope that’s okay.

There was a good sized hole in her back that the floor, discolored with bodily fluids, was visible through. One arm was gone completely-the shoulder a ragged mess of decayed muscle and fragments of cartilage-the other chewed down to the bone.

A morbid curiously gripped me, and I knelt down to grab her shoulder where it was still covered with a blackening lab coat; my fingers sunk into her flesh like it was putty.

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8/10 on the gore score. I think the first sentence could benefit from recasting, maybe something along the lines of ‘There was a good sized hole in her back, through which the floor, discolored with bodily fluids, was visible’. It may just be a case of differing styles though.

Here’s something from one of my stories

It was the pain that brought her round this time: sharp stabbings deep in her abdomen. Her terrified gaze was fixed on the empty space under the table. She thought the horror she’d seen was a vile hallucination until she noticed another trail of slime, which stretched from the table to where she sat, legs slightly parted, right up to her so that the insides of her thighs were slippery with the stuff.

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Hmmmm, 6/10.
I think the last sentence tried to cram too much stuff in, kinda dampened the impact.

I’ll give this a go.

“Yeah, that’s Barney’s ID badge, and probably his blood on the back of it.” He knelt down next to the putrid green puddle and reached for a small lump poking up. “I didn’t think Barney would have actual gold fillings in his teeth.”

I came up with an idea for this I find too gross to post or think about

but it involves a textile machine

Ok something that came from the top of my head, simple yet gross :slight_smile:

Mandy gouged her pointy thumb nails into his eye sockets. Piercing into the soft white tissue and erupting both irises. She was satisfied and suckled the eye ooze off her thumb.

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