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They used to be a regular thing. I think it’s flaring up from stress at work/home. I was prescribed medicine for it when I studied in Mexico, but I think it was just a sedative. It wasn’t something that is used in the US. I also have to be in complete darkness and silence until it passes. This last migraine lasted for a couple days, but I’m relieved that it’s finally gone.

I had some head trauma incidents and I never really got a scan of my head to make sure things were fine. Doctor always told me it was a tension headache despite me explaining that the pain starts from where I’ve banged my head multiple times.

Regarding your story, what genre is it and where does it take place again? Is it an apocalyptic setting?


I can’t even imagine…
You should really check it out, even if your doctor is right at least you would have some peace of mind.

It’s not apocalyptic, although I wanted to make it that way but have zero ideas. It’s in a dystopian future and after the adults are taken their kids have to survive on their own. Also, I want it to be kids “old enough” to handle it. I was thinking about 10/13 to 17 years old. But maybe I’ll mix it with another idea of mine that was apocalyptic. I don’t know, I’m completely lost :sweat_smile:
As you can see this is going great for me :rofl:


Yeah, I just dislike tests though.

Hmm well the first thing I suggest is determining why the adults were taken. I hate to sound cliched but how about aliens? Or an emergence of another species?

Or maybe there was some program on TV that brainwashed them. I’m not very good at things like this, so just throwing some random ideas out there XD


I will be publishing it to Wattpad soon but I just found a bunch of holes I want to work out better before I do.

XD finding plot holes is always a pain.


I am so behind that’s not even funny, so I’m like grinding these words out real hard. Worry about editing after December or whatever


That’s the problem, I’m having a hard time finding a good plot for the parents abduction. I haven’t thought about aliens or another species, that could work. Thank you so much!
You were really helpfull :slight_smile:


That’s good! It is a pain but at least at the end your story will be better :wink:
If you need help with anything don’t hesitate :slight_smile:


Me too… This has been far worse than I expected :pensive:


No problem. I’m glad that it got something flowing ^^


I’ve been SOOOOO busy this month, and I only have 34 out of 167 handwritten pages done. T^T
I don’t even think I have the physical ability to make that up before the deadline!


Me either…
Maybe we can change NaNoWriMo to December? :rofl:


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