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My character is getting stared at by this guy with his family. I’m a little stuck. Should the guy:

  • Stay there
  • Approach him
  • Somehow see him later
  • have his family be in an open relationship

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Wait, what? XD Can you explain a bit more?


So my main character (who’s a guy) Is sitting in a park with two of his sisters. While his sisters argue, he sees a guy sitting next to a woman with 3 kids. The guy is staring at him and I’m trying to see what the guy (who’s staring) will do. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Huh, what does the open relationship mean?


Oh Boy…


Well it means that… the two people are okay with that other person seeing someone else or doing things with another person. Sometimes they even do “stuff” together with another person


No, I mean, what does the open relationship of that guy have anything to do with the main character or the plot?


Maybe the guy and his wife(??) will wink at the MC or approach him and flirt with him.


Uh, why? Why the heckity deck would a couple of strangers go up to him to flirt? What point does it have?


Because the couple finds him attractive and wants to get to know him.


Ohhhkay? By flirting? And both at the same time? I don’t get it. Does it have meaning though? Is the scene trying to show something that’ll be a point in the future?




IF I choose that they are in a open relationship


Oooh, okay! Heh, if you choose that!


which one did you choose and why?


Somehow see him later, 'cause maybe he’ll see him somewhere and learn about his family?


There could be a small little plot twist to all of the options.


Yep! That there could!


I’ve been wanting to find a name for one of my MC, I’m writing A HP fanfiction and since my main is pureblood I wanted to make it as authentic by using names inspired by goddesses/titaness. So just check on which ones you like more, and I could give you information on my main to determine your choice if you’d like.

  • Asteria
  • Nyx
  • Thalassa
  • Hermera
  • Hera
  • Eris
  • Euterpe
  • Thalia

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Which one did you pick and why?