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It’s a tie mostly between Asteria and Eris,
Because others have voted for them.
Eris would be perfect for a Slytherin since She’s the goddess of chaos.
But the problem is that she and her sister are the first generation of Hufflepuffs, when the rest of there family is strictly Slytherin. Asteria is the goddess of the night


But I’m also absolutely in love with Euterpe


Don’t hate me, but the only thing I know about Harry Potter is Harry and Potter :joy:


Why would I be mad?
I mean, it’s alright, I’m not going to attack you


Good, because I fear the day that if I tell someone that I don’t read or watch Harry Potter, they’ll get triggered. BTW, on my poll, which one did you pick and why?


I chose approach him, that’s what I would have done


Okay. I like asking people which one they choose. I don’t know why, though.


Thanks for voting on this topic! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


This topic honestly got more attention than I expected :neutral_face:


I have a character in my story whose blind, Dallan. The story is set in a village cut off from society, hidden away deep in the woods in Ireland. They worship a deity, which is the purpose for the villages existence. Anyway, Dallan’s mother tried to rebel and escape with her son, but was caught by members of the council. The deity punished her by draining away her life essence. When Dallan spoke out, as punishment his eye sight was ripped away. I’m debating if in the end he should regain his vision, or remain blind?

  • Remain blind
  • Regain eyesight

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Which one on my poll did you pick and why?


I was sort of torn between “approach him” or “somehow see him later”

I ended voting for the latter, mainly because I think it can be really intresting when characters run into someone who appeared earlier on in the story and seem insignificant, only to reappear. I’m a little confused, though… what role does the character play in your story? Or the scene?


The staring guy? I’m thinking of making him an actual love interest for the MC


Oh, then I’d change my vote to “approach him” cause that could intresting :slight_smile:


I love the open relationship idea :joy: :ok_hand: Would totally read


Like I said to the others, There might be a small plot twist.


@einlauffeuer Did you change your profile picture?




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That’s weird