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Should I kill off my two protagonists in my romance novel? If they die, it would be together in a fire after professing their love for each other. If they don’t die, the same thing would happen, however, they would wake up in the hospital in the next chapter.

  • Kill them both!
  • Let them live!

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I just like people dying


I don’t blame you :joy::skull:


Note that the mother is some spider lady and the other village is filled with people with horns




Which book title you would prefer as a sequel book to something called Crimson Qi?

  • Azure City
  • Azure Enigma
  • The Fenghuang

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I feel that if you think they may live through it, it is better to let them live. A finale with death, imo should be something to be 100% committed from the start, and drive the book to it.


Curious, I thought Azure City would be too plain Jane


Yeah that’s true. I don’t know exactly how my knowledge of it ending in death would influence the plot though. Uh I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore. The biggest reason I would let them live would be make the readers satisfied with a happy ending, but I know there’s a lot of different ways to do that without the happy ending. When I started writing the book, I did always have in the back of my mind the idea of at least one of the main protagonists dying. I’ve already started foreshadowing the fire, although I’m only 20 chapters in. I plan on it being a 40-50 chapter book.

I’m pretty lost on what to do.


everything is plain jane these days. azure city sounds mysterious. i’m a geography nerd


Okay, so I’m working on a werewolf novel where the MC finds both her parents dead.

Who kills them? Idk I need your guyses help!

  • Her brother (who’s also a werewolf) kills them
  • The guy she likes kills them
  • It remains unknown

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Also leave some thoughts or comments please!


Well, if you want the guy she likes to become a villain, that’s one way to do it!

I personally think the “her brother” option creates more conflict, and I love me some conflict. :>


I think that her brother should kill them and he says ‘he was protecting her’


Writing an apocalyptic dystopian and trying to decide if I should give this male character an earring, it’d be like a simple stud or something.

  • Yes, give him an earring.
  • No, don’t give him one.

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It is always good to have something you can describe and play with about your character. So, yes.


Writing a three book romantic suspense series. Currently on the first book. FMC starts to fall for a guy who’s on the run with his brother. In the second book the guy she is falling for will be gone for the first half, and I wanted to possibly have her get involved with the brother. I know a lot of people complain about the love triangle trope, so I wanted to see how many think I should keep the FMC and brothers relationship platonic. ***There would be no cheating as they have yet to commit to each other at that point due to the extenuating circumstances. Need to decide this now so I can set up the plot for book two by the end of book one.
In other Words:
Book one - she meets and falls for the MMC, By the end, the MMC will decide to leave for reasons explained in the book
Book two - The MMC is gone , should she get involved with the brother here? Or should they remain platonic? Keep in mind the MMC will return about halfway through the second book.

  • To Love Triangle
  • Not To Love Triangle

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Hey everybody! Finally on the last chapter of my dystopian novel (only took me three years lmao) and trying to decide whether to kill off a character or not. Currently a group of my characters are trying to escape a place when the love interest’s sister gets an injured leg and has to be left behind. My MC is the last person to see the injured sister. So should the MC witness the sister get shot fatally (and have to keep that knowledge from their love interest to stop them from staying behind) or should I let her live (the unknown is a blessing and a curse)?


  • Kill her off to wreak havoc
  • Let her live

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Name decision for a girl MC

  • Caesarea
  • Theodora
  • Yessina
  • Rose-Anne
  • Janis

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