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I need some help in deciding the fate of my MC. I write a fanfic for TVD and my MC is a young vampire(not by choice)/seer hybrid (13 years old). A seer is someone who can see the future. Now, I’m planning on killing her (again) and when she has the chance to come back to life, she says no and “moves on”. Then, time passes and she’s bought back to life involuntarily and I’m debating on bringing her back human with her seer powers (which is what she was at first) or still as a vampire/seer.
thank you :slight_smile:

  • human with original seer powers
  • vampire with seer powers

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I would say vampire, only because she didn’t want to come back and as a human, she’d have a choice of re-ending her life again.


I forgot to mention that she was made into a vampire involuntarily as well


I voted Asteria because it sounds nice :smiley:


Which font catches your eye and is not painful to read? Option D is the same font, one is just bolded. You can pick as many as you like if more than one tickles your fancy. If none of them work for you just select (N/A) and, if you want to, explain why?

This is for an Action, Science Fiction story.

  • (A) Blackout Midnight
  • (B) Capture It
  • (C.) Liberator
  • (D1) Orbitron-black
  • (D2) Orbitron-light
  • (E) Outage Cut
  • N/A

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Would’ve picked B but that one speaks more mystery than sci-fi :thinking:

What kind of vibe do you want it to give off?


Which title will catch your attention & will make you check the book out?

blurb: An amazon falls for a dreamy Duke trying to hold on to his throne in the world ruled by women. When a younger sassy rival challenges her both on the battlefield and in the bedroom, she plays to win, and she plays dirty. In love and in war everything is fair.

  • She Kills Elephants and Men
  • In Love & In War

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Like a spy/assassin mixed with superhero


I like the first one, it sounds interesting, but I’d go with the second one.


Well, that’s close as well as surprising, actually. anyone else?