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One long book! (voted :joy:)


If it’s one long book then it will just be in the MC’s perspective.


oh o…can’t have both in one book?


Then the book will be way too long. That’s why my book is titled Marlo’s Battle


But if people want the entire thing to be in one book, I might have to re-write it.


My characters are at a (nearly abandoned; it’s the middle of the night) swimming pool, and I’ve just been presented with the opportunity for a great moment where one of the girls loses her top jumping off the high dive.

Facts that were part of the unintended setup for this: 1) she is definitely going off the high dive, 2) her swimsuit top is too small, and 3) she is doing a swan dive… with a lot of force. Also, she’d be more amused than embarrassed if this were to happen, so I wouldn’t be hurting her.

  • Set the honkers FREE (temporarily)
  • Be a prudish sucker and let her keep her top

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If it makes a difference, there are three characters there: 1) a closeted asexual guy, 2) a closeted bisexual girl, the main character, who’s adamantly denying her feelings for the girl with the too-small top, and 3) the girl with the too-small top, who would not be at all ashamed. <— I feel like that’s kind of important.


The way the actual poll options are worded, it feels you want to set them free. so just go with that. :man_shrugging:


My first instinct: I don’t want him to necessarily regain his sight, because that is part of the coolness of his character. Plus it may seem a bit cliche during the scene that his sight comes back. Could he gain a different kind of sight that is even more awesome - the power to see things others can’t/ see visions? Or maybe that is already part of his character. Or could the deity award him with the power to see once (so that he can see his lover) or see only at times, for example, when his love for the object in sight is pure (a theme about seeing the good, not always the bad in life) /or some other kind of condition? Or maybe this is making your story too “magical” - I haven’t read it so I’m just thinking out loud! One thing why maybe not have him regain full sight is that I think this story could appeal to the blind community (which may not be a mass audience - but sometimes it’s about building a base first.) So this character could really learn the great things about being blind during his journey. Just my two cents worth, so stick to your gut no matter what. Your story sounds cool! I voted remain blind (but with a twist!)


Ya gotta set them free (as I voted)…as long as it either 1) adds to the story or 2) adds comedy. But if your primary audience is men (which I am not one): of course, you don’t need a reason, just set 'em free.


It’s hard to say without knowing the character better. I like Lucien a lot (meaning Light). Amos - has the latin root Amo, meaning love. Dwayne is a common African-American name. Cristobal seems Italian or Spanish origin?? Fletcher, being older, reminds me of the 80s/90s comedy movie Fletcher, but I like it, cuz that name needs a rebirth. Tyler seems like a cool high schooler to me. Kennedy reminds me of someone rich and important (like the Kennedys), Robin has Batman and Robin and Robin Hood connotations, Noel could be a Christian, lol, or a depraved rock star (Noel Gallagher of Oasis - actually his brother Liam was the depraved one) but I vote Lucian/Fletcher!


She Kills Elephants and Men, definitely. It’s intriguing. Reminds me of a “femme fatale” character from Film Noir movies. In Love and In War is too ordinary. Though reminds me of “War and Peace” if that’s what you were going for. But still, go for originality in my opinion.


This one is hard for me…I would want to know which serves the rest of your story more? If you are writing as you go, I would suggest making two columns, vampire and human. Listing possible outcomes for each and seeing which one’s outcome excites you more to write about. ???


Well… my primary audience is gay women :wink:

I decided to set them free. But I kept it pretty PG!


Gay women - then you made the right choice, the PG version of setting 'em free is the perfect way to go! Duh, I should have got the intended audience from the other characters lol. Glad you worked it out! :slight_smile:


Yep! Now I just have to write the rest of the book :frowning:




I’ve been considering adding a third POV to the Novella I’ve been outling - the two main POV characters are trapped in a limbo of sorts after getting into a horrific accident while in a road trip during their Christmas break (they’re college seniors). He’s dead, but kept trapped by his family who are unable to pull the plug, as well as being in denial of his own death. She’s trapped do to feelings of grief, fear and guilt, however is alive and only in a coma. I’ve been debating adding the POV of one of Emmett’s relatives in order to give prospective on what’s occuring in the outside world. I’m thinking of them just being short, in between scenes scattered throughout the novella. Should I add the third POV, or just stick with only two?

  • Stick with just two POV’s
  • Add the third POV

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Also, if I add the third POV, should it be from Emmett’s mother or younger brother’s perspective?

  • Mother
  • Younger brother

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Definitely the younger brother. That could be so heart-wrenching.


I’m purposely writing a Mary Sue, should her name be

  • Something normal
  • Something really long and ridiculous
  • Something “unique”

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Ridiculously long to make fun of this trope/cliché :smiley: The other characters could get it like 90% of times wrong to turn it into running joke :rofl: