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But it’s the name of a Mary Sue. Everyone should always get her name right, even after only hearing her name once. Expect the antagonist who clearly hates her for no reason. :laughing:


Do you guys read the quotes that some books have at the beginning of each chapter?

  • Always
  • Often
  • Occasionally
  • Rarely
  • Never

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So uhhh trying to choose a name for my Iranian lady character Girl X and I’ve narrowed it down to three… anybody wanna help me pick?

She’s very action-oriented, fair, and willing to do right by those close to her even if it puts her at risk, but also a little manipulative, attention-hungry, and self-destructive. She’s at her best when given an injustice to fix, and at her worse when she feels shaky and unsafe, which unfortunately she has most of her life. She’s seventeen, soon to be eighteen. She has jet black hair and eyes and an aquiline nose. Overall, she’s very pretty, if a little intimidating.

Which name do you guys think suits her the best?

  • Vida - “visible” in Farsi/Persian
  • Nasrin - “wild rose” in Farsi/Persian
  • Azar - “fire” in Farsi/Persian
  • Bellona - the name I had originally picked out when I thought she was Romanian and I guess could still suit… but… ehheheh

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If it helps, so far for other characters, we have Cameron (nickname Jump because of all the fences he hops) and Salem (her name means peace, and she’s Girl X’s love interest, and also the main character)


Idk, I feel like Mary Sues’ are boring, therefore their names should be a little boring/normal too :woman_shrugging:t4:


Pick a tagline for my story poster

  • Never break a promise.
  • Always keep your promises.
  • Never break a vow.
  • Always keep your vows.

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I want to write a short scifi story about interdimensional coyotes (people smugglers). Should the main conflict center around the interdimensional…

  • border cops
  • cartel
  • both

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Aquiline Silverstarwind or something like that would do nicely.


I actually already created a thread for this a while ago…


So, I’m starting this fantasy story, but it’s a portal fantasy so the main character is from a contemporary time. He’s the only white person in the story, and I so I want him to have a really white name, but not obnoxiously white. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Grant McNeilson
  • Grant McFadden
  • Grant Mason
  • Grant Sheppard

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In an attempt to deal with a greater atagonist, my protagonist will have to turn to minor one for back up.

How should the minor antagonist react when the protagonist shows up at his door?
(Note: the minor antagonist is a largely rigid and proud guy, who has technically been humiliated by the protag two times by this point in the plot.)

  • Anger (“get the hell off my property.”)
  • Suspicion (“what do you want?”)
  • General confusion ("? ?? ?")

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Writing a sci-fi book. An alien that is like a body snatcher befriends the main character. It is using his help to survive, but at some point should it try to actually use his body as a host?

  • Alien attempts to take over the main character’s body
  • Alien does not attempt to take over the main character’s body

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Need some nickname help

  • *Cat
  • *Cri

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So I’m creating this one book and I need help picking a name for the abusive boyfriend (the main character who’s Shawn mendes ends up leaving the boyfriend).

  • James
  • Logan
  • Elijah
  • Noah
  • Benjamin

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Logan. I have only met one Logan who DIDN’T suck in my entire life


So, I’m finishing up a series of mine here on Wattpad. The story itself is a Dystopian that follows four major characters: one an asthmatic girl who sees the future, another a plus-sized fire wielder, one an Asexual musician who becomes a rebellion leader, and the last an artist who has a sneakier/ more ambitious side. The artist is dating the asthmatic girl, but he’s had some sketchy moments. He previously served under the evil government as a spy but swears he’s not doing anything like that anymore. He also lies about the asexual MC-- telling the other MCs that he’s dead because of the potential threat he poses to the resistance they’re currently siding with.

A lot of people love his character because of the art/chill aspect to him, but I’m trying to figure out a way to up the stakes and divide the four MCs since the main antagonist is all about doing that. Since the other three are pretty close, and the ambitious artist gets captured by the main antagonist in the 2nd book, I considered him being manipulated or controlled by her or possibly join her side as an attempt to protect his sister… who is literally the main reason he does a lot of the bad things above. At the same time though, his sister can annoy the crap out of him with her photography.
Well, I’m pretty stuck. What should I do?

    • Have him turn against the MCs (freely).
    • Let the main antag manipulate him.
    • Let the main antag control him.
    • Allow him and his girlfriend to work things out.
    • Figure out Something Else.

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Also, if this character does go dark, I’m trying to figure out how his ending is going to be. Three of the characters (the other MCs) go at least through some sense of empowerment.

  1. The asthmatic girl with visions discovers that she doesn’t always need love to be happy and she goes from being shy into a girl capable of making rational/quick decisions. Overall, she learns she doesn’t have to bear things alone either, and that she has many people there ready to listen to her opinion and hear her voice in society. She also reconciles with her anti-hero father.

  2. The plus-sized fire wielder opens up to others about her problems, gets to learn more about teamwork and overall grows to be a great supporter to everyone around her, while still being the queen of sass. She finds herself able to trust and rely on others more (including in her brother), finds love, and helps rally the resistance instead of crumbling it apart.

  3. My Ace MC goes from being someone trying to compromise/negotiate and rely on others to solve problems, to someone willing to step in to help others who cannot fix those problems themselves. He grows more confident in his abilities, overcomes his doubts about himself and his family’s dark history, and grows from a boy who refuses leadership at the beginning to someone who accepts it at the end. His rebellion also wishes to inspire the people rather than fight an all-out war.(Yes, he is my favorite of the four MCs, second being the plus-sized fire wielder.)

Things could go a few ways. The artist who might be turning dark is dating the asthmatic girl. It could be possible he redeems himself through sacrifice, but it could theoretically be possible for him to be saved or not saved at all. I’ll open another line of thought for “OTHER” is someone has any other ideas.

  • Sacrifice himself in the end to redeem his character.
  • Have his girlfriend save him from the antagonist.
  • Let him escape with the antagonist (her fate’s not confirmed)

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