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Hey ya’ll. So my current novel has one MC and two very important side characters. I have a choice of writing all of it in my MCs perspective or adding in a few chapters from the perspective of the other characters as well. If it’s just my MC, there’s more mystery and surprises for the reader, but a mixture of both adds more depth to the characters. It might also make it easier for the sequel to be written (I’ve reached a problem that could potentially be solved by adding in other perspectives).

So should I:

  • Just write about the MC, or
  • Add in chapters about my side characters

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Coming from experience, I think it’s fun writing in multiple POV as long as it makes sense in your story and is important. One of my stories would make no sense without a second POV because of how important it is to help add depth and some extra plot details I wouldn’t get in the first’s perspective.


How do you even make polls in the threads?


Thanks for the advice! The story used to be in multiple POV so that the reader trusted the characters less but I felt like it gave away too much. Now I’m struggling to add more depth to the sequel without the extra perspectives. XD It’s a frustrating cycle haha.


If you’re on a computer, when you’re writing a response there should be a task bar for your message. You click on the last option on the right (looks like a cog or a settings option). Then click build poll. :slight_smile:


Ahh, thanks for that. This will definitely be useful :slight_smile:


Depending on how many POVs there were, you could cut some and pick 2-3 POVs you think are the most interesting.
My first book follows one reserved character, so I kept her POV since she’s the main MC.
For the sequel, I added the POV of one of her best friends because he finds a journal with a possible flaw to the government they’re trying to overthrow.
… and both MCs keep secrets from each other, and want to find out different things!


Oooh right! I might have to stalk your profile a bit because your books sound really good haha.That actually relates to mine as all three characters have different storylines and goals separate to each other that end up overlapping. In mine it’s my MC and two side characters (both have 2-3 POV chapters) so I think it would work fine, I might just have to edit them a bit to make sure I don’t take away all the suspense.


No problem! It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure it out haha.


Appreciated, it probably would’ve taken me as long too :smiley:


I would only add POV if they narrate things MC cannot experience/see


Logan is used a lot for jerk characters. I’d also recommend Chris.


I’m trying to edit my first (and very messy) story on here, and I’m trying to rebrand, too. It’s gotta be better. The current title, Make Your Move, is annoying me. It’s basic. It’s bad for the story. It’s boring. Gotta find a new one, guys… but it’s SO HARD.

It’s a story about a girl, Mist, living in a quasi-communist utopia (not the main focus of the story) who has had a crush on this one guy for years and slowly starts to develop a relationship with him. She’s kind of stupid (like no offense to her but she’s actually… neither academically nor intellectually gifted) and she does graffiti and she runs fast. The guy she likes is named Rasul. He wears jewelry, swims, uses his wheelchair access privileges to get places he probably shouldn’t and is generally a snarky (and sometimes manipulative) bitch… who still tries his best to be good.

Which of these do you like best?

  • Graffiti on the Heart
  • Silver Kisses
  • Dealbreakers
  • Collision Course (or some variant thereof)
  • We Were Here
  • Other (I’m literally desperate for suggestions please help)

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The Graffiti on the Heart sounds the best to me :smiley:


Hey everyone! I have another poll… this time for a novella title!
So this novella takes place between Book 2 and Book 3 (named Splintering Reality and Blazing Rebellion respectively) and follows my Ace MC’s perspective after he’s presumed dead but picked up by the big bad of the story. (He’s going to escape her and overcome a lot of his previous doubts in this novella, and I thought it’d be a cool separate story to include as it’s definitely a long and grueling process.). The story has a lot of good vs evil, fire, and dark/light themes.
So, the series is called the “Breaking Order Series” so naturally the title will follow “Breaking Order:_____”
Book 1 is Breaking Order, Book 2 is Splintering Reality, Book 3 is Blazing Rebellion, etc…
So I have a few titles that I’d like your opinions on!

  • Fallen Order
  • Rising Phoenix
  • Escaping Shadow
  • Other (Please comment your idea!)

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  • *Weak willed demon
  • *Strong willed demon

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And. . . Where’d they meet.

  • *Demon was his lawyer in the Afterlife
  • *Meet in a bar in the Afterlife

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I’ve been helpfully informed by several of my friends that I need people to moderate some of my worse impulses when naming characters because the names I choose are Much Too Out There. I have explained that this latest story is a science fiction-fantasy-dystopian hybrid and is bound by no rules, but they will not listen.

So, which name sounds best?

For the gay war queen with dark skin, dark hair, and dark humor:

  • Tamarix
  • Tamarisk
  • Revella
  • Matanah

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For the gay revolutionary who has blonde waves, a plan, and always a weapon:

  • Rilla
  • Saire
  • Kore
  • Zizola

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I’m trying to publish a poem, but I still don’t have cover or a title. Which one would work best with an inspirational poem to help unite the world?

  • “The world we’re missing out on”
  • “The world we’re tearing apart”
  • Other (comment suggestions)

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I tend to think five words or fewer is best for a title, but that’s just me. That’s why I like The World We’re Tearing Apart more!


I’m starting a new book and it’s about these two teen sisters who are on the road in a RV/car traveling the country and I need to pick a title.

16-year-old Victoria or Vickie and her 14-year-old sister, Natalie AKA Nat, are in a small RV/car traveling the country. They have little money, little supplies and are too young to be out by themselves. Not to mention Nat’s nightmares and visions. Add some more problems to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster!

  • Ride
  • On the Road
  • Just the two of us
  • Ride or die
  • Something else? (comment suggestions)

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What should they be in?

  • CAR

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