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I voted for On The Road as it sounds like an adventure. Just the Two of Us is okay, but a little cheesy, feel good teen movie. Ride and Ride Or Die sounded gang related to me. Haha. And I voted for car because it seems more realistic that teenagers would own that.




But I might make it to where they have both at some point. Maybe the car gets stolen or breaks down and someone buys them they RV


So one of my characters is singing to another, and I can either a) write around the song or b) write straight through it.

Which should I do?

  • Make up a song to put in when he’s singing (pro: will have more meaning and I can smack my readers over the head with themes; con: idk if anyone likes these)
  • Write around it and avoid the whole thing entirely (pro: easier and probably less cumbersome; con: reduces the impact of the scene and makes it much more forgettable)

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I don’t think you need to write an actual song as long as you describe the one character’s reaction to being song too. It would still be memorable that way and wouldn’t be so tiresome to read!


Yeah, despite the poll results that’s what I settled on :blush:



  • I only write romance (including lgbt and other romance plots)
  • I write romance and I turn every genre I write into romance
  • I sometimes write romance but I definitely include romantic subplots in other genres that I write in
  • I don’t write pure romance but I tend to turn every plot romantic eventually
  • I don’t write romance but I always include romantic subplots
  • I don’t write romance and I rarely include romantic subplots
  • I don’t write romance whether it’s a main plot or a subplot

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I’m back with another naming poll!

I gotta name a corrupt warlord who got banished a while back but is hell-bent on reclaiming his society of criminals and problems—because deep down, even though he is morally grey, he cares about them—in order to lead them against the city-state that banished them and ransack it.

  • Uthyr/Uther (terrible in Welsh, and U names are usually evil, right?)
  • Theron (hunter in Greek; problem is that somebody already has a T name… if that even IS a problem?)
  • Hyperion (just sounds evil idk man)

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I wouldn’t see two characters having T names as a problem unless they were really close looking. Then readers might have an issue telling them apart. Anyway, Theron is a cool looking name. Hyperion just makes me think Hyper. Which makes me think cutesy. Uther is interesting though.


It’s Theron and Tamarisk, so I think you may be right!

Yeah, Hyperion isn’t the one I’m leaning towards, lol.


Okay, I’ve been told the title of my current story “Sorcery Ice Slayer” is not grammatically correct. But the problem is I like the title. Still, I put up a little poll to see if I should change the title.

  • The Sorcery Ice Slayer
  • The Ice Slayer
  • The Young Ice Slayer
  • The Ice Slayer Saga
  • The Suffering Ice Slayer
  • The Edge Ice Slayer
  • The Rose Ice Slayer
  • The Mistress Ice Slayer
  • The Crimson Ice Slayer
  • Other (suggest)

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Hey everybody! I need some title help because I’m very indecisive and can’t make my own decisions whoops. So, what do you guys think - based on the sound and look of the titles - is the best? They all work for my story so it just depends on which is the most intriguing.

  • The Control Series: Citizen
  • The Controlling Series: Citizen
  • The Command Series: Citizen
  • I Control You, Citizen (current title but does not fit 100%)
  • Other (please comment how to improve them and help ya girl out)

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Name! He’s a guy, about 16. The other names in my cast are: Talia, Adyln, Zaifyr, Regan, Marie, Raliah. He’ll be around Talia and Regan the most.
– I’m so indecisive, I need help.

  • Isaac
  • Miles
  • Jaiden
  • Darius

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