Lets play a game

so the basics of this game is 7 words per person

H : Once there was a little girl who
B : Lived in a pineapple and she did
C : a lot of bad things Because of
B : Her past and mostly because of family

the end

so now that we know how to play, why not join in

But she had a big secret that

she thought no one knew about, but

Her brother found out a week ago

So naturally she ran away and then

She stumbled upon a place where everything

Was magical just like her and she

Started living there and then

she fell in love with the prince

Whom she thought ‘as a prince’ but he was actually the villian

she later then found out, so she

got a knife and slit his throat

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And freed the kingdom of his tyranny

But she couldn’t handle the weight of throne, so she

Ran away with a talking cat

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The cat told her to search for magic stones which

Would grant her magic, in which would

Help her travel to the underwater kingdoms where she

Get help from Queen Coral and go

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Go where she wants to go. But alas