Let's Play a Little Game Called Procrastination



Hey guys! So I’m just procrastinating on editing and came here to talk to people. What do you do when you don’t want to edit? How do you make it more entertaining instead of draining? Any tips? Gave myself a break for the weekend and I want to get back to editing, but once I open the chapter I’m uninterested. Either way, just wanted someone to talk to and have a conversation with!


I’m very good at this game. A master, you could call me. In fact… I am procrastinating right now by typing this. Should I be writing? Yes. Yes I should be cause I don’t get much time during the day to. Am I writing? Well… I mean I’m writing this so that counts, right? No? Well dang…

Only advice I can give is that sometimes you need to just tell yourself to do it. Which you can take as good or bad advice; just don’t use me as an example lol :sweat_smile:


I listen to music while I edit sometimes. But admittedly, that isn’t always the best because sometimes you have to read it aloud to really do a good job editing, especially with sentence structure.


That is too funny! Exactly what I’m doing as well.


Ugh, music is so difficult! Sometimes it helps me focus and other times it distracts me to the point of no return.


I usually try to do something that inspire me first, and then go into the less inspiring with some of that enthusiasm still running. An night time always help with creativity. You aren’t as judgemental on yourself when you’re tired.

I am procrastinating my exam practice at the moment. I opened the doc, saw it was written in new norwegian, read a page and realised I’m not fetching a lot of the information so I “postponed” it.


it ALWAYS distracts me. ;-;


One way is I like to print out my chapters and edit using a red pen for edits and blue for add in’s and notes. However, the pain of having to correct the edits on the computer late is a drag (but you catch more errors).


That’s true!


That’s actually not a bad idea! I think the only thing that would be difficult about that is that sometimes I rewrite entire pages and things are changed around quite a bit so editing on the computer is a little easier with that. but I’m sure it’d be worth a shot!! Thanks


I usually listen to music. I find it to be helpful to step away from the computer for a few minutes and come back to it also. Maybe take a short walk or make a cup of tea? Anything to give your brain a break works.


You could just mark it to rewrite and focus on the spelling errors


music helps me if I set up a playlist specifically for the story.


Idk what’s gotten into me but I’ve been procrastinating drafting more than editing D: life’s hard when you need a solid background to write sea fiction


I thought that was only me!


It takes up a lot of time but when I’m actually writing it helps so much!

Usually I’ll procrastinate by making the playlist and tell myself I’m getting something done so that I feel better about procrastinating :joy:


im extremely good at this game especially when it comes to homework