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Welcome to Let’s Taco About It!

This is a thread to make new friends and have fun. Please make sure to keep a polite tone when speaking to others and follow the guidelines. :slight_smile:

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Yay hello Cym :blush:


Hello Marina, what’s up? :slight_smile:


Just hanging in here for a bit wby?:slight_smile:


Tried to make a new thread lol.


What is “it”?


Actually “it” can be everything as long as we follow the guidelines.


That’s nice! A good place to talk :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome to the thread.


Ok let’s talk about it


I don’t know why I feel I saw this thread before on old community. And I asked the same question


I don’t know if there was a thread called like this.


Are you working in any stories atm? Just wondering :slight_smile:


I write something but I haven’t published it yet.


Uh I’m curious! I’ll check it out if you upload it sometime :grin:


Oh then oops :see_no_evil:


Actually I wanted to call the thread Let’s Taco About It. Taco was like talk but somehow it didn’t make any sense. What do you mean should I change it?


I’m not sure if I’l publish it. I feel like I’m not good at writing.


It could sound good but I’m afraid people will talk about tacos then