~ Let's Taco About It ~


Yea those were good times, I’ve been debating if I should start a little friends thing on here but I haven’t committed


I won’t make a new one, mine always die haha.


Mine on the old threads crashed and burned to so I know the feeling :slight_smile:


Let’s hope that people see this thread then. :joy:


But seriously, we had a lot of fun and I miss those days.


True but I know I’ll keep posting here until we hit the limit so someone has to show up eventually. And yea it was fun :slight_smile:


Do you still have friendship cookies? :slight_smile:


Always :slight_smile:


Let’s eat some. :slight_smile:


Yea like old times :slight_smile: maybe my cookies will bring more people here :slight_smile:


True haha :joy:


Hey! Can I have some cookies too, lol?


Hello! Of course.



For sure, welcome :slight_smile:


Look, your cookies work lol.


I was thinking of making a thread here called like the cookie corner or something lol


I bet it’ll be popular.


Because people love cookies! :cookie:


Thanks for the warm welcome:)