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The ones I read were in German so I don’t think I can suggest you one. Except you know German lol.

Besides Thriller I read Romance too but it really depends on the topic.


Wow, really!? From Grades 1-6 my school had German class! I’ve tried keeping up with it on Duolingo the last few years, but haven’t gotten very far, lol. I still remember a couple things like ‘guten tag’ though.

Same! I read Romance every now and then, though it depends on the topic for me too.


It’s a hard language. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it is a rather difficult language. Though it’s also a lot fun to learn:D


What else do you remember? :joy:


Well, I still remember a few phrases like:

‘Ich bin eine madchen’
‘ich bin gut’
‘Wo ist die Toilette?’
‘Wie heißt du?’

Not sure if I can still hold a proper conversation in German, but if I ever go to Germany and need to find the bathroom I could probably manage XD


That’s great! And yeah this will help you haha. :joy:


Yup, lol! So I’m guessing you’re fluent in German?


Yes I am. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! German is such a great language :slight_smile:


I’ve got to go now:) It’s been great talking with you!


It was nice talking to you too! Bye. :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile:


How are you doing?


I’m good and you?


I’m well just enjoying my Friday. What have you been up to?


I’m enjoying my Friday too! :slight_smile:


Nice, have you had a busy day or has it been rather basic?


I wasn’t that busy today. You?