~ Let's Taco About It ~


Nah just a few things this morning and that was about it lol


My thread is dead again. I sometimes just forget to check up the threads since I talk with some friends on PM.


Yea I sometimes struggle to get back here myself sometimes but again we can always try to revive it :slight_smile:


I don’t think that I’ll work haha.


Well that’s a possibility I suppose but maybe it will :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:


Hiii :slight_smile:


How are you?


I’m good and you?


I’m not so bad. Just chilling out really. What have you been up to?


Did some homework today. It took long time lol. What about you?


Just watching some movies, and killing time. :slight_smile:


How’s writing going?


I’m in between stories at the moment, I’m kinda having some writers block. Have you done any writing or found any good books lately?


Hmm…not really. I ate a lot of cakes on holidays instead of writing. :joy:


Oh nice what kind of cake?


Chocolate caaakes. :heart:


Mmm those sound delicious