Let's talk about K-Drama, Movie & More!



Hello, everyone!

It’ll be very simple here. We can discuss any of your favorite korean drama here!

My favorite mystery dramas are Three days (2014) & Signal (2016)

How about you guys? ^^


I watched signal almost a year ago and just wow. I was caught because I really love a mystery-like theme.

Have you watched Legend of the Blue Sea? It’s good!


Yes Signal is best!! I heard they are going to make season 2 of it, hope they do that!! ><

I watched the Legend of the Blue Sea, but didn’t finished it because i feel the story a bit of repetitive from My lover from other star. *they have same writer


I really hope that there will be a season 2 for signal! Aww.

Fir me I much love the LBS from MLFS


Maybe because TLBS is more romantic than MLFS ? x) I can see they have more lovey dovey moment in LBS so it’s more captivating


I can’t pick a favorite drama, a difficult decision! I just finished watching My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Any other good suggestions of what to watch?


Which genre do you like the most? I may able to recommend you some :))


I don’t know, maybe a yes?


:wink: I knew it!


@PCastasus any other drama you like?


There’s a lot actually,

  1. Goblin
  2. Love in the Moonlight
  3. Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo
  4. City Hunter
  5. Big
  6. W- Two worlds
  7. Doctor stranger
  8. Prosecutor princess
  9. Woman with a suitcase
  10. You’re Beautiful

Well, there are other drams but there. I name a few. :smile:


I watched 5 out of the 10 dramas in your list xD. Well, all of the drama you listed have romance in it, so no doubt hhahaha XD


Just anything really. I used to watch all the time then stopped but recently started watching again


There are a lot of the good dramas there, for romantic i mostly love the romantic comedies drama like the rooftop prince, it’s an old one
Currently I’m watching the third charm, familiar wife & dear judge


Just realized I replied to myself, oops haha.
I’ll have to look into them and see what they are about


sure, most of them are romantic comedy, except dear judge maybe


I have so many dramas I need to watch but moonlight cloud lovers is my fav and cheese in the trap (I like the movie but the drama is so better except the end is meh).

I want to read the story of cloud lovers but sadly it’s on Naver which me no read Korean even though I have korean blood myself :joy:


They told me Signal is good but I haven’t watched it.

The last dramas that I’ve watched are The Doctors, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Cheese in the Trap :slight_smile:


I loved watching Cheese in the Trap… soooo good