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New list drama… I never watch all of that


Ohh, that’s all the thriller, action. those you didn’t like xD


Ohh… So that’s out of my genre then XD


Yeap xD


Let me cry for awhile guys… Finally EXO comeback T.T
OMG OMG :sob: :sob:


Big congratz for you


Congrats for all exo-l around the world…
Omg I’m so excited :sob:


Hhahaha, good to have a comeback. Our TVXQ still stuck at Japan, releasing singles & doing concerts


Btw tvxq-love line and the other one -I’m forget the title track- still on my playlist, and never get bored with that songs


chance of love?


Yeaahhh that song… So good to hear all day long XD


Yeap, their older song also good tbh




I never heard it… Can you recommend the best one from them?


Hi there o/
Any Primadonnas here? ^^


I’m sorry if anyone has already asked but does anyone have a recommendation on where to watch K-Dramas? I used to watch them on Dramafever but they were shut down :sob: I need to finish The Third Charm and Devilish Joy.

P.S. My favorite drama is Healer.


You should try kissasian. If you use Ad Blocker, you shouldn’t have to worry about the pop-ups. There are also quite a few on Netflix now.


Netflix isn’t as up to date as I want it to be with dramas. I’d be willing to pay for a service even if that meant I had access to the newest dramas.


I’d try kissasian then. It’s equivalents are kissanime if you have difficulty locating it. That site updates quite frequently. I don’t have the other sites at the moment since I’m not on my personal computer, but I’d be happy to share them later if you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for yet ^^


I look for the drama from kordramas usually.

And yeah, Healer is the best one for me too