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It should be ok


But it’s been release t?


Not yet I think, the guest just finishes this week. So I think it will start airing next week


The guest hv same genre with the priest?


Yeah, both have exorcism theme & correction, the priest will start airing after the player on 24th nov


And you watched it? How about that? Is it good?


Not yet, haven’t watch. no time…


I really enjoyed Playful Kiss and Boys Over Flowers and You’re Beautiful. Best Three shows in the world! will always be. I can’t connect with the newer shows though.


I see you like romance dramas. Which recent dramas did you watch?


Owhhh okay then… Same with me… Classic excuse for both of us XD


Not many. I feel as if nothing can out match the three I used to watch. I will have to check out the newer shows. Have any recommendations?


Yeah, maybe xD
It’s just I have too much drama to catch at the same time & I also need to write my story


I have a lot actually, any specific things you want for the drama so I can pick a few to match your liking ? xD


A month ago I tried watching Bring it On Ghost. It was silly and scary at the same time. I might pick that show back up. Yeah, I like romance, drama, and horror. Thanx!!


Yeaahhh… We only hv some dramas but not with time XD


Try Oh My Ghostess then. It fulfil all of it


Yeah xD


Okay. I just checked out a scene on Youtube. It’s funny. I’m gonna check it out. Thanx. You know, when I was into the three I mentioned, I was trying to learn Korean. It was a total fail though, but I always say, never say never.


It take years xD
I have been learning Korean Language too until now from dramas/variety shows


Do you use online software to learn or just by the shows? I tried everything, I feel, but in the shows, they talk so fast. It was hard to comprehend.