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I buy some dictionary & books to help me in the past, but now I didn’t even use it anymore, just learn them from dramas. I learn word by word


And how would you rate your progress now lol?


75%, I kind of understand what they are saying now when I’m watching any drama/ show without subs XD


Oh That’s good! I think I need to set my determination level higher. It would be awesome to be fluent in another language.


Thanks, good luck! It’ll be fun!


Yes it’s always fun to learn something new! Thanx! :grin:


Your welcome! Happy to help :smiley:






How are you doing??


A bit busy, but still ok. hbu?




good then :smiley:


So if we really can go to Korea together, I don’t hv to worry about anything, cause there’s you who will be the one that speak XD






Getting back on the topic, did anyone watch Scarlet Heart Ryeo a couple of years ago?


I watch half way & stoped


Really? I loved it! I think it sucks there are no plans for a sequel, though.


Yeah, I guess I followed other drama last time so I didn’t continue to watch it