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I’m so far behind on the recent drama shows. I just rewatched Beautiful Gong Shim on Netflix and I’m thinking about a You’re Beautiful rewatch because that’s been added.


Wow, that’s kinda old. I’m for the recent one but a bit late on catch up since I’m a bit busy this month


I’m also kinda old, lol


Not too old xD


No not THAT old but you know, old enough to know I probably shouldn’t spend my free time watching K-Dramas constantly XD


Yeah xD I know


I watched it and I’m in love with it :heart_eyes:


I’ve asked my dad to import the DVD for me for Christmas this year. The costumes were stunning. I really wish they’d done a second story or like a movie to finish it off where he comes to the present day.


Last time there are rumours about 2nd season after it ended but now it’s lost


Yeah that really frustrated me. The Chinese version had two seasons but I loved the Korean cast so much. Sigh.


That kind of magnetism they have to pull you in xD



my favorite K-Drama is the love from the stars <3! I think that the main actors are brilliant!
Jun Ji-hyun is a relly good actress and she should get the Oscar or sth! She can be a diva celebrity and a silly mermaid. She is just extraordinary! I love also her TV drama named the legend of blue sea!


You should reconsider watching the legend of Blue Sea! I had the same feeling about it and just stopped watching it, but it kept me in suspense!


I watched it! One of my favorite shows


Dr Stranger.


I love the scene where the past repeats in the future. It adds a mysterious effect in the story. :heart_eyes:


hey guys~




it’s been long time since our last talk XD


Yeah it is xP