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so what’s up?


Pretty good, hbu? what u up to?


still same situation. im drowning in the middle of hectic school-things XD


Hhhahaha, I’m stuck with my baking class until next week


baking class? oof that’s sound nice


Yeah, it’s fun tho xD


why did you take that class?


Need new skills xD , who knows I’m going to open a pastry business


owwhh yapp! that’s such a pleasant business to run XD


And it’s fun if you like to do those things xD


yeaa… baking is fun , but i never try it before


You should try once xD


i dont want to burn my kitchen XD
and looks like I need someone else who really good at baking to help me XD


Just start from something easy will be fine


i’d tried with instant cake, so you only mix that with eggs. and i didn’t use oven, but something like ‘ricecooker’ but not ricecooker. do you know what i mean? XD


Yeah, the bread maker machine?


yapp, something like that…
what have you learned in that class btw?


Many things actually, each session have 2 recipe at least


did you ever bake something in that class? i mean, make a real cake XD
how should i explain that XD


Yeah, ofc. It’s practical class. We do it straight away in the class